How does an electromagnet turn on and off?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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They turn on and off by taking the battery out and putting it back in or if it has a switch then you could use that.

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Q: How does an electromagnet turn on and off?
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How can you turn off an electromagnet?

An electromagnet requires electric power to be a magnet. You turn it off the same way you turn off a light, by turning the switch.

How do you turn off an electromagnet?

This is what makes a magnet an electromagnet - the ability to turn it on and off... Anyway, electromagnets can be turned off with either the help of a switch, or just by disconnecting the power supply.

When would you want to use an electromagnet rather than a permanent magnet?

When you need a magnet you can turn on and off an electromagnet is used.

What advantages are there in being to turn a electromagnet on and of?

Being able to turn electromagnetic on and off is what separates it from a normal magnet.

Electromagnet is a temporary magnet because you can?

turn it off by unplugging the current source.

What is an advantage of using an electromagnet over a permanent magnet?

The advantage of an elecromagnet is that you can turn it on and off with a simple switch. So for example if you want to pick up a scrap car with a crane/electromagnet and move it, you can turn the electromagnet off when you want to release the car. You could not do the with a permanent magnet obviously.

Does an electromagnet keep is force when the electricity goes off?

no because you need electricity to turn it on

How are electro magnets different from other magnets?

An electromagnet can be turned on and off, with an electric current and a magnet can not turn off

What happend to a electromagnet when you turn it off?

It stops behaving like a magnet. It loses all its power.

Why would electromagnet be used in a recycling yard rather than a strong permanent magnet?

Because with an electromagnet, you can turn it off and on - you can pick things up with it then drop them again.

How do you deactivate an electromagnet?

Electromagnets are energized with an electric current. Turn the power off to stop the current will do the trick.

How can you make a electromagnet lose its magnetism?

by decreasing its current,by decreasing turns of coil