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Refinancing one's car is a risky way to lower the interest on a car loan. The best way to get a lower rate is to see a loan officer at a credit union or small bank which may purchase the car from the lease holder to offer a better rate.

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Q: How does a person go about refinancing their car?
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Where could a person compare the rates banks offer for refinancing your car?

There are various websites where one can compare the rates banks offer for refinancing a car. Some of those websites are Bank Rate, Edmunds and Myfico.

What are some things to keep in mind when refinancing a car?

There are a few things that one can keep in mind when refinancing a car. One of the key components of any car dealership transaction is the rate of interest, as well as the state of one's financial credit when refinancing a car. Another thing would be the length of the loan when refinancing a car. These are some of the things that one should keep in mind when refinancing a car.

What are some companies in the US that specialize in refinancing car loans?

There are a huge range of car refinancing companies in the USA. Examples of these are Wells Fargo Financial, Capital One Auto and Bank of America Auto Refinancing.

What is the best way to go about refinancing home mortgages?

If a person was interested in refinancing their home mortgage they should do some research first. The first place to research would be to talk with their financial manager at their bank.

Who should a person speak to about refinancing a car loan?

In order to refinance a car loan, a person would need to speak with anyone who shares the car title. If everyone on the car title is in agreement, then the original lender needs to be contacted. Original lenders may include a bank.

Where can one find more information about used car refinancing?

The websites CarBuyingTips, UsedCarRefinancing, BankRate, CarCoAuto, and RoadLoans, may be helpful in the search for information about used car refinancing.

If I have an outstanding car loan that is 23 paid off can I get a second smaller car loan for less than 3000 if I don't own a house If they have the same rate can I consolidate?

You can go for refinancing you car loans with some lesser amount. Also the interest rates charged remains low when you go for refinancing a car loan. Also have different quotes form different car loan companies, so that you are able to make wise decisions.

How do I go about refinancing my mortgage?

Refinancing is something you should research to make sure it will benefit you. The best thing to do is talk to you lender to see if you will benefit from refinancing.

Where can one get information on refinancing an auto loan?

Many local banks can be a source of information on refinancing a car loan. Edmunds and Bankrate also offer guides to auto loan refinancing on their respective websites.

Where can one apply for auto refinancing loan?

One can apply for an auto refinancing loan at a bank or financial lending institution. One can also apply for auto refinancing loans at most car dealerships.

What is the meaning of vehicle refinance calculator.?

A vehicle refinance calculator helps you calculate if refinancing your current car loan will help you save money. Refinancing a car loan is especially helpful when you owe more on a car then its actual worth.

Where can I find a refinance calculator for my home?

You can find online refinancing calculators for free. You can go to for online refinancing calculators. You can also go to