How does Ella brake the curse?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Ella, brakes the curse bestowed to her by denying the fact that she loves Prince Charmont, but all along she truly loves him. In other words Ella denies her love for Charmont.(prince charmont)

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Q: How does Ella brake the curse?
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What is the introduction of the book ella enchanted?

ella was given a curse of being obidient.

Did Ella break the curse in Ella enchanted the movie?

Yes she did when she took back the necklace.

How do you brake the curse for panfu the magic ice diamond?

the word is love

Who was Pamela in Ella enchanted book?

Pamela is the daughter of one of Ella's servants. She and Ella are friends when Ella is 8. Ella tells Pamela about the curse and Pamela starts ordering Ella to do things that Ella doesn't want to do. She commands Ella to lose in a race that they hold; when Ella and Pamela pick berries, Ella has to give all the best berries to Pamela; when they play princesses and ogres, Ella is forced to be the ogre while Pamela gets to be the fair princess. Later, Ella punches Pamela and Ella's mom finds Pamela's mom a new job very far away from the town where Ella lives.

Does Will's curse get removed in clockwork prince?

He never had a curse. The demon tricked him. It had stung Ella, and she died because of that. The demon was weak from coming out of the Pyxis, so it lied instead. So sad... :-)

How can akito brake the curse?

Akito herself cannot just decide to break the curse one day. Although she does have to let go of her ties to the zodiac which is hard for her

How is the problem solved in the book Ella Enchanted?

As a newborn child Ella was blessed or cursed as most would say. She was cursed with the gift of obedience. The gift of obedience requires Ella to obey every order given or she starts to feel sick. When Ella was almost 15 she and Lady caught a cold. Sir Peter was away on business at the time. Ella got better but lady got worse and died. At the funeral Ella meets Prince Charmont (Char). Ella also meets Dame Olga and her two daughters Hattie and Olive. Once the funeral was over Ella was helping Mandy in the kitchen when she discovers Mandy is not only her godmother but a fairy too. Sir Peter orders Ella to go to finishing school with Hattie and Olive. The night before Ella leaves Mandy gives her a magical book that reveals letters sent and journal entries. She also gives her Ladys favorite necklace. Char walks around with Ella as she says goodbye to the things she loves like centaurs, and the talking birds. Ella, Hattie and olive leave for finishing school. On the way to finishing school Hattie orders Ella to give her Lady's favorite necklace. She also forces Ella by orders not to eat and to remove her slippers and chores like that. At finishing school Ella meets a new friend named Areida. She is from Ayortha. Ella gets a bouquet for Hattie by order but adds in bogweed that makes them reveal whatever you ask them. With this Ella discovers Hattie envies her. Hattie orders Ella to stop being friends with Areida. Late that night Ella escapes to go to a giants wedding that Sir Peter and Lucinda might be at. The wedding is in two weeks and is quite far away. On her way Ella stumbles across a few elves who give her food and a pony to ride. When she awakes after on of her stops she is surrounded by ogres who have eaten her pony. She was saved until they found more food to feed all the 6 ogres. Six knights come to capture the ogres to give to king Jerold (Chars Dad). Ella tames the ogres so the knights can bind and gag them. Char is one of the knights. One of the knights takes Ella to the wedding bye horseback. Ella finds Lucinda. Lucinda orders Ella to feel blessed with the gift of obedience. So Ella feels good about the orders. She goes to find Sir Peter. She goes home with him. Sir Peter is going bankrupt and needs Ella to marry a wealthy man. Mandy orders Ella not to feel blessed about the curse. Sir Peter and Dame Olga get married. Dame Olga treats Ella like a slave. Char leaves to go to Ayortha for a year. During this time char and Ella write back and forth. One time in their letters Char admits he loves Ella. Ella doesn't want char to be hurt by the curse so she writes a letter from Hattie saying that she eloped with another man. Mandy summons Lucinda to her. She demands that Lucinda becomes a squirrel for 3 months and an obedient child for 3 months. Lucinda turns herself into a squirrel and vanishes. Char is coming back soon and once he returns he will be holding 3 royal balls to find his bride at. Six months has passed and Mandy brings Lucinda back. Lucinda cries and describes how horrible it was but she can't counter the curse because it is big magic and she vowed never to do it again. Ella goes to the first ball but she wears a mask and calls herself Lela. She dances with Char and he falls for her again. Ella (Lela) returns home at midnight. At the second ball she dances with Char but still won't remove her mask. For the third ball Mandy gives Ella a tiara and a silver chain, that won't disappear at midnight like the other jewelry would. Lela (Ella) is taken by char to meet his parents (the king and queen of Frell). While dancing with Char Hattie snatches of Ella's mask. Everybody sees it's her. Ella runs home and tells Mandy. Mandy tells her to pack her things. As she is doing so Char comes asking to see everybody. Ella changes into her maid gear. Hattie tells Char that Ella is Cinders the scullery maid. Char brings out a slipper that will only fit Ella. Hattie and Olive try the slipper on but it doesn't fit. Char figures out the letter was fake. Char says "marry me Ella" and order but Hattie contradicts it with another order. Ella struggles to contain her obedience. She breaks down and says she won't marry char. Then Ella tells Char about the curse that lady had ordered her not to tell anybody. The curse was broken. Then Ella and char get married. Living happily ever after.

What are the conflicts in the book ella enchanted?

The major conflict in Ella Enchanted is Ella's lack of freedom. She is cursed at birth with obedience, later on in the book her father remarries and her stepmother and stepsisters strip her of any freedoms she had left. Her lack of freedom prevents her from marrying the man she loves, Prince Char but her curse is ultimately broken by that same love.

How do you say 'she' in Spanish?

she = ella (eh-yah)Ella."She" in Spanish is "ella" (ae-YAh). "He" in Spanish is "él" (el).

Why did Ella's father want Ella to marry?

Her mums called Ella

What does ella ella mean in Malayalam?

Onnum Ella = 'Nothing' or 'No Reason'

What nicknames does Ella Edmondson go by?

Ella Edmondson goes by Ella.