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If you wire all 4 coils parallel, you get 1 ohm (mono).

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Q: How do you wire 4 dual 4 ohm coils subs to one ohm mono?
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How do you wire an amplifier to 2 subs?

Mono amp: hook up 2 wires to the positive speaker output, and 2 wires to the negative speaker output. Hook the positives up to the positive leads on the subs, and the negatives to the negatives. Stereo amp: one positive wire to each positive output on the amp, same with negative. Make sure you get corresponding positive and negative to each sub. Stereo amp running bridged (mono): It's normally the outter positive and negative leads, but refer to the manual. Wire same way as a mono amp, just use the bridge outputs. Mono or Bridged would be running 2 ohms if you are running single coil subs. Stereo would be 4 ohms. If you have a dual coil sub (such as Kicker Comp VR), you would want to run stereo because those subs run 2 ohm's stock do to the dual voice coils. Or 1 amp per sub unless you have a 1 ohm stable amp, which most likely you don't.

Will a 540 Watts x 1 RMS 4ohms Amplifier be suitable for a sub rated at 380 watt RMS with 4ohms plus 4ohms dual coil?

The problem you have there is that your sub woofer needs both coils wired and your options with that setup is either 2 ohms or 8 ohms depending on if you wire the sub itself in series or parallel. If you use a second sub like the first one and wire both subs in parallel and then wire the two subs in series you can achieve 4 ohms. You could also wire the subs in series ( 8 ohms each ) and then wire them in parallel to achieve the overall 4 ohms.

Dual 4 ohm subwoofer what kind of amp should you use?

4 + 4 wired in paralell + to + and - to - will give you 2 ohms. do this on both subs and then wire them together + to + and - to - and that will give you 1 ohm. so now get an amp that is 1 ohm stable 95% of mono block amps are. add your subs rms wattages together not peak let say your subs are 1200 peak and 600 rms then 600 + 600 equals 1200 watts rms is what you need. so for this instance i would need a 1200 - 1500 watt rms mono block 1 ohm stable amplifier. I like more power just in case after the subs get broke in they want more power.

What is dual CD player wire color codes?

What is dual CD player wire color codes?

Why after buying a new CD player when the radio is on would the subs work but when you put in CD the subs do not come on?

make sure amp remote wire is connected to p.cont wire and not power ant wire on the radio

What type of metal does coils have?

Most electrical coils and solenoids, use copper wire.

If you have a 1000 watt 2 ch amp and 2 1000 watt G A 12's how do you set it to 1 ohm?

unfortionatly it alot more difficult than that. you first need to know if your subs are dual or single voice coil. then the ohm of the coils. your next step is to make SURE your amp is one ohm stable. (most are not) if your sub ohm will match you amp ohm. safely. its all in the wireing of the amp to the subs to change the ohms. if you dont know exactly how to wire them DONT DO IT yourself.

What size amp do i need for two 10 inch kicker comp's?

You could go with a 600 watt 2 ch amp or a 300 watt mono block amp, depends on what OHM the subs are, if they are 8 ohm you could wire them down to 4 ohm or if they 4 ohm u could wire them to 2 ohm, i have a 600.1 Boss amp and subs are wired together at 2 ohm and they BANG.

How coils of wire can be used to wire a 3 bedroom self contained house?

If you have some coils of wire and a house that needs rewiring, an electrician is needed to complete the job. He/she would also know if the wire you have is the correct wire to use in the rewiring.

How much does it cost to get subs installed?

generally 65 dollars, unless you have to buy the wire from the shop who's installing your subs

How do you wire a dual voice coil to an amp?

If you want to run both coils,you have to wire the positive to positive and negative to negative on your sub,then run a wire from each plug to the amp. Positive to the positive side of the amp and negative to negative side of the amp,(you can run in bridge mode or stereo if your amp can handle the load)

What is remote wire for car amp?

remote wire is to control amp, bass coming from subs, and the frequency