How do you unlock ghost bike on bike race?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Play with 20 fb friends

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Q: How do you unlock ghost bike on bike race?
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How do you unlock hog bike in bike race?

Bike Race is a free game for iOS users. A person can unlock a hog bike in Bike Race by beating a ghost bike or a ninja bike.

How do you unlock a army bike in bike race?

Army bike

How do you unlock the gold bike in bike race?


How do you unlock the ninja bike in bike race?

To unlock ninja bike, you must win a total of 250 multi player games or buy it for $2.99.

How do you unlock twelve expert ghost staff Mario kart wii?

To unlock an expert ghost you must race a current ghost that they give you under time trials on a track. From there you must beat that ghost and create a new record and get a new fast staff ghost(it will state if you got one or not at the bottom of the screen at the records page after you race). From there it will give you a new ghost to race which will be MUCH better and faster and that will be the expert ghost. That's how you unlock an expert ghost so just unlock 12 of those.

How do you unlock gold bike in bike race?

You must unlock all the bikes except for the ones you buy, then you have to win 5000 multiplayer games, beat a silver bike, and i think get 10 consecutive wins (I think).

How do you unlock the silver bike in bike race?

Ou have to get 3 stars in hills beach and savanna then win 7 races in a row on multiplayer and beat a bronze bike easy? No

How do you unlock the bronze bike in bike race TFG iPad?

Get 24 stars in dune,24 stars in arctic,24 stars in desert,then win three races in a row

Can you race an 85cc bike?

yes you can race any bike as long as its a proper mx bike.

When was BC Bike Race created?

BC Bike Race was created in 2007.

How do you unlock the bubble bike?

Theres a bubble bike?

How do you unlock expert staff ghost data on Mario kart?

on time trails for one race track beat a normal ninendo staff ghost by like 7 seconds then it will say a fast staff ghost apperered happy