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You can unlock them by either clompleteing story mode, getting a certain amount of wi-fi tokens in allspark wars, or getting 100% completetion.

ive completed the game but only 1 cheat has been unlocked

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Q: How do you unlock all the cheats on transformers autobots on the ds?
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How do you get all cars on transformers autobots ds without AR?

You can connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi and earn tokens to unlock cars and cheats.

What does the all levels code do on transformers autobots?


How do you get deception thundercracker in transformers war for cybertron autobots?

I unlock all characters in autobots HQ but I cannot unlock deceptions in bonus but I'm missing thundercracker,onslaught,dragstrip and dirge

How do you unlock all the cheats on transformers the game?

If you write in google transformers cheat codes you can find all of them.

How can you get cheats for Transformers Autobots DS German version to your action replay?

by getting point in ALL SPARK WARS,more points more cheats:)

What are all the cheats for transformers autobots?

They are Infinate energy, Armegeddon mode, Super jump, Top-down view, and Psycho cars.

Can someone tell me where I can download a transformers autobots Ds sav with all vehiclesincluding the ones from the allspark wars and cheats?


Where are all the hidden vehicles for transformers autobots?


Do you get to be all the autobots in transformers revenge of the fallen Ds?


Which Transformer is the leader of the Autobots?

Optimus Prime is the leader of an Autobot team. But Ultra Magnus is the leader of all the Autobots.

In transformers armada was there a female autobot?

No. There was a female human, Alexis, working for the Autobots, but this was all.

How do you unlock skydive on transformers autobots?

you either go to target or walmart and do ds down load on transformers trailer, which is probably gone now.There is a code on action replay, it is 0203152CE3A0000102031530E8BD8038. You also must nname it all vehicles, or it will jack up the action replay.