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No, there's no such switch. If the vehicle has Onstar with an active Onstar account, I believe the 08 model was so equipped to where Onstar can unlock it remotely. Otherwise, call a professional lockout service.

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Q: How do you unlock 2008 hummer 3 without key is there a switch under hood?
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Where is the fuel tank located on Hummer?

Under it.

How do you unlock a 2005 ford expedition keyless door pad when keys locked inside?

there is an emergency door unlock switch under the car to the left of the gas tank

Can you unlock your car from under the hood?

Some cars can be unlocked from under the hood if the center console for the central locking has its wires in the hood. The unlock wires are usually have a (-ve) current and that means that if you hook one switch wire up to chassis earthing wire and the other to the unlock wire it can unlock all the doors.

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Where is the oil filter located on a hummer H3?

Remove 2 skid plates under engine, oil filter is in front of engine above front skid plate with the Hummer logo on it.

Who ownes Hummer Trucks and rights to hummer?

Hummer is a division of General Motors or GMC.Added: The above answer pertains to the civilian version of the vehicle. The military version of the vehicle, commonly known as a HUMVEE, is manufactured under contract by several US companies other than General Motors.

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Do you have to unlock the manual hubs on a 2006 f 250 super duty that has a 2-4 wheel drive selecter switch on the dash?

Your hubs should have a "Locked" and an "Auto" setting. Under normal conditions, you should run in auto. Then if you need 4-wheel drive, flip the switch. Should the switch ever malfunction or go out, you have to manually lock and unlock (auto position) the hubs.

How do you take the roof down on the 1999 mustang convertible?

first put the car in park ,with the key switch on unlock the roof there is a handle on both sides of the car under the sun visor unlock them then press the button in the cener of the car near the console.

What would cause the power lock switch and the key to not unlock the doors of a 2001 Venture but the remote keyless entry does work?

The first and cheepest thing to check is the fuses. located on the side of the dash by the passengers door, another is under the hood on top of the battery. The next would be lock switch.It is easily installed, no tools needed. The drivers side power switch is a master switch. This means that power feeds from the drivers lock switch to the passenger door. If your key fob will unlock and lock the doors but the switch will not I would replace the drivers door lock switch.