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Depends on what unit you have. Typically, you have to have the key in the off position, and then you hit a button on the control box in the sleeper to turn the APU on. Depending on your settings, the APU might be set up to only operate within a certain temperature range.

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Q: How do you turn on the apu unit on a semi truck?
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What is the size of a refrigerator in a semi truck?

Most will accommodate a 15 x 15 x 21 " unit. If no inverter, of course 12 volt. If u have an APU with a good sized inverter, u can get a compressor type unit instead of the thermoelectric variety

How are apu's used on trucks?

An APU, Auxiliary Power Unit, is used on a truck primarily for driver comfort. In order to meet EPA diesel emission requirements truck operators can no longer idle their truck engine while they are stopped for extended periods of time. An APU can provide heat, air conditioning and electricity for hotel loads such as microwaves, televisions and block heaters. An APU will consume less fuel ( about 1/10th) than that of the truck engine. An APU is a very broad term for a unit that may only provide heat, heat and air or heat, air and electricity. APU's that provide electricity must include a generator.

Why no 120volts on your truck apu?

Either a faulty power generation unit, or a faulty inverter. Depends on specifically WHICH APU you have, as some have full power generation and HVAC, while others might just have an alternator which charges the batteries and leaves truck systems running off of the batteries.

What does APU stand for?

Auxiliary Power Unit

Can you use regular refrigirator in a semi truck?

It could be done. You'd have to shut it off if you had the engine off and didn't have an APU running, because it would drain the battery very quickly.

What is apu mean in finance?

Amount per unit

What APU does walmart trucks use?

I have yet to see an Walmart truck equipped with one.

Air conditioning in a tractor trailer?

Well...yeah, we've got it. They can set it up in two ways, depending on how your truck is configured. If you've got an auxiliary power unit, you've got two AC compressors: one on the APU, for use when the truck's engine is off; and one on the engine itself. If you don't have an APU, you just have the compressor on the engine. You'll also have two coils in your truck. One's up in the dashboard, like it would be on a car. The other's in the sleeper.

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