How do you turn on 4hi in a 87 blazer?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Stop the vehicle, put it in neutral, depress the clutch (if a manual transmission), pull the transfer case lever back one position from the 2HI position.

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Q: How do you turn on 4hi in a 87 blazer?
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How do you turn on the 4 Wheel Drive for your 92 wrangler?

You grab the handle and pull it into the 4hi position.

How do you turn off the dome light on an 87 blazer?

The switch that controls the brightness of the dash illumination also can turn on the dome light when turned all the way in one direction. That switch may be on.

Will the fender off a 92 s-10 blazer fit a 87 s-10 blazer?


What do you do if the trans is stuck in 4hi on a 1993 Chevy s10 blazer?

What i do is put it in reverse and go about 10 feet and brake a little hard then put it in drive. it always works for me when that happens

Is there a trick to get the Chevy zr2 4x4 in 4hi?

You must be in neutral to switch it into 4hi

Will the grille from a 91 S-10 Blazer fit on an 87 S-10 Blazer?

No, not without changing the front fenders as well.

Will a transmission from a 85 Chevy K5 blazer 4x4 fit an 87 Chevy k5 blazer 4x4?

can I put a 99 Chevy 4l60e transmission in my 86 k5 chevy blazer

What kind of gas goes in a Blazer?

unleaded. 87 octane unless in high alltitude

Where is the solenoid located on a 87' s-10 blazer 4x4?

It is mounted on the TOP of the STARTER.

How do you shift into 4wd on a 96 Chevy Blazer?

well first you need to determine if it's actually 4wd. if it is there are 2 things: there might be 4x4 buttons on the dash or you may have a stick shifter to do that. whatever the case, 4wd high is the best one to use. now, how to get there - if you have 3 buttons that say 2HI, 4HI, or 4LO then just press the 4HI or 4LO button, whatever you prefer. almost the same with the shifter, but with the shifter you need to stop the blazer completely and shift from 2wd to the 4wd gear of your choice.

1987 blazer s-10 shifts great in and of 4hi you have too shut off motor to go into and out of 4lo both ranges work fine other then the switching problems?

I know I have to be stopped and in park to go in/out of 4 low, but I don't have to turn off the engine. If yours is a stick shift the pilot shaft might have just enough friction to turn the gears when the clutch is in. There just might not be anything to do about it.

How many miles per gallon does a 2004 Chevy trail blazer get?

i have 2004 blazer in ammman Jordan not more than 87 miles per gallon.