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Open the Child-locked door from the outside and look at the thin middle part of the door. There should be a little lever that shows a lock, or a child on it. Flip that switch to the other side

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Q: How do you turn off child lock in Saturn L200?
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How do you turn the alarm system off on a 2001 Saturn L200?

The "unlock" button on your key fob.

What are car stereo wiring color codes for a Saturn L200?

Black-ground red- antenna blue/white- turn on

Where is the flasher unit located in a 2003 Saturn L200?

Could be part of the switch assembly (Hazard warning turn signal module)

What is the function of a passlock sensor on a 2001 Saturn l200?

security to hamper theft. It prevents "smashing" the ignition cylinder to turn the steeering wheel

How do you turn on Peugeot 308 Child safety lock?

To turn on the peugot 308 child safety lock, you must go to the setting section. Then scroll to the security section which has a child lock option you can use.

How do you turn the child lock of on daewoo tv without remote controler?

how to turn off child-lock without remote daewoo DL-32C3

How do you turn off the check engine light on a Saturn L200?

Disconnect the negative battery cable for about a minute Disconnect the negative battery cable for a minute or so

Child lock button on Ford Mondeo.Does anyone know where button to lock car doors while driving are on a Ford Mondeo 2001 TDDI. Much Thanks?

Open the door and in the lock itself is a keyhole. Insert your ignition key into the hole in the lock and turn a quarter turn. This will lock the child lock and obviously ,turn in the other direction to unlock. Rory

How do you turn off the child lock on proline tv?

MY TV PROLINE LD1501 is on child lock. i have only universal remote controller. pls help

How to remove TV lock?

my tv has child lock on without a remote how do i fix this? also my tv wont turn on at all.

How do you reset the low windshield washer fluid light in 2003 Saturn L200?

If the sensor is functioning properly, when you add the washer fluid the light should turn off automatically; no additional action required.

How do you disable keyless ignition security lock on 2007 Saturn?

Disabling the keyless ignition security lock on a 2007 Saturn can be done by programming the security locks. Turn the ignition to run, without actually starting the engine, and press the unlock switch for eight seconds.