How do you tell if you need a new radiator?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Three main reasons for replacing a radiator are 1) it leaks and replacing the radiator cap, hoses/clamps and making sure the drain valve at the bottom is complely shut hasn't stopped the leaks, 2) lots of rust on the lower half, especially on the cooling fins and at weld points where hoses connect, or 3) a radiator flush machine at your oil change shop shows that the flow through it is badly restricted due to mineral and rust buildup and the flush didn't improve it dramatically. Before you replace it, do replace the radiator cap. Sounds silly, but a weak spring or badly worn gasket can give symptoms that look exactly like a radiator about to die from not being able to hold pressure correctly. Inexpensive cap vs radiator? Easy choice. If you end up replacing the radiator, you'll need the new cap anyway.

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Q: How do you tell if you need a new radiator?
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How can you tell if you need a radiator in 99 Cadillac northstar engine how can you tell if your radiator is bad?

how can you tell if you need a radiator in a 99 cadillac northstar engine

When do you know you need a new radiator?

If your radiator is leaking then you will need to replace it. Additionally, if you find that your car is constantly running hot you will need a new radiator.

Why would a top radiator hose on a 5.0 ford suck shut?

You need a need radiator cap. you need a new hose

You have got a Corsa 1.0 the radiator fan is not working Where is the problem?

in the pipes going to the radiator or you need a new radiator

Do I need a new radiator if mine is leaking?


How can you change a radiator on a 97 Pontiac Grand Am?

Changing a radiator in a 1997 Pontiac Grand Am can be a difficult task. To remove the radiator, all of the radiator hoses will need to be disconnected from the radiator. The transmission lines will also need to be removed. After all of the hoses are disconnected, remove all of the clips that are holding the radiator in place. Lift the radiator up and place with a new one. All the hoses and clips will need to be put back in place with the new radiator.

What does it mean if your new top radiator hose is collapsing on itself?

probably need a new radiator cap. very cheap and easy fix.

HasTransmission fluid in radiator Geo Tracker?

you need a new radatior

How much is it to fix your car overheating what are the possible problems and how much would it be to fix the possible problems?

cost i can not tell you, but this I could be 1 of 4 things...(or all of them) # radiator fluid is low or not there at all # lack of water for the radiator # your radiator has a leak and you are losing fluids # you may need a new thermostat

My 95' Tahoe is overheating and steam is blowing out of the front-end around a tube that inserts into the radiator. What should I do?

You might need to either replace your thermostat or the radiator itself. I can't tell what "tube" you're talking about, but it COULD just be the radiator cap that's bad and you're venting into the tube that goes to the coolant recovery reservoir. If that's the case, just get a new radiator cap. If the radiator hose is leaking, replace it. Unfortunately, I can't tell what's wrong from your description.

Why does your 2001 Monte Carlo has transmission fluid in the water?

the tranny cooler is at the bottom of the radiator and has apparently ruptured, you will need a new radiator and get the tranny flushed and a new filter in it ASAP.

Why is your radiator fan not running?

You should check the fuse, and also do a computer diognostic. You could need a new radiator fan relay or wiring or diode wiring, or a new fan altogether.