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by correct do you mean the engine that was installed by the factory? if yes,there are several small idenification plates affixed throughout the car , mostely on major sub assyemblies ie.: transmission,engine,body,rear axel ect,ect. all the numbers will match if the part is original when manufactured.

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Q: How do you tell if you have the correct engine in your car?
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How can you tell there is too much oil in car?

The engine's dipstick will indicate the correct or incorrect level of oil within the engine .

How can you tell if your car engine has seized?

It will not turn over.

Why is engine management light on Ford Fiesta?

To answer that, you need to get a mechanic with the correct programme on his laptop, to plug into the diagnostic socket and interrogate the engine control unit. The fault code displayed will tell him what's wrong with the car.

Where can I find the engine codes for my new car?

Yes, it is very important for you to find out the correct engine code for your car. Honda specifically posts these engine codes for cars to help you with your new car.

What indicates if your work is correct?

If the engine don't fall out of the car after you overhauled it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will a 1987 318 engine work in a 1999 dodge durango if you changed the intake?

ant engine will work in the shell of any car as long as: - the engine fits the car's bonnet. - the drive shafts are compatible with the engine shafts. - the correct intakes are in place. - the correct exhaust outlets are in place. - the correct brackets and supports must be fitted

Can you look up your VIN on your car to tell you about your engine?

yes the 8th digit of the vin on American cars will tell you the engine size.

What to do if I over filled car with engine oil?

Drain it out and put the correct amount in

Is this the correct coil for this car?

Well, it could be, but you need to tell us which car and which coil for a better definitive answer.

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How can you tell if the engine is on or off in my Prius?

If you push the gas and the car goes, its on.

How can you tell when a car is accelerating?

The engine usually gets louder? Shift+/