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Depends what kind of car it is. If its a 90s GM, Chev, Buick ect.. You can by-pass the immobiliser by attaching a resister to the two wire sensor that goes to your ignition switch. Just measure the resistance of the chip in the key with a multimeter and buy a resister that matches at any electronic store. Then cut the two small wires that lead to the ign and put resister inbetween them and presto! Your car starts!

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Q: How do you take an factory fitted immobilizer system out of a car?
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How can i bypass the Factory fitted immobilizer when it is not allowing the starter motor to engage?

Take to auto electricians as I had the same problem and they found a conlog relay for ignition faulty. after it was replaced car was working fine.

When immobilizer malfunctions can you just take it out of the car?

NO if the immobilizer is not seen, the car it won't start! the immobilizer is integrated into the security system of the car,if it doesn't past the test it won't stsrt.once in a while it will start,but you should take it to the dealer and get it fixed,make sure that you get any software updates, research it if you can, you have to keep in mind the hierarchy of how the brain boxes works.the engine management system sees that immobilizer failed, it turns off power supply to the starter,fuel pump and ign. system. depending upon what kind of car manufacture you have more things can be turned off

Can you override your immobilizer on a Renault master?

No you cannot. You need to take it to a dealer or a garage with a scanning tool so the immobilizer can be altered electronically

How do you decode the stereo in a 1995 range rover?

If it is the original factory fitted radio take the model and serial number to your dealership with your VIN. They should be able to tell you the code.

How do you disconnect bypass factory fitted vauxhall frontera 1992 mobliser Cant start car as engine is immobilized?

you cant the imobiliser is programmed in the ecu, take it to a vaux dealer

What kind of refrigerant does a 92 Honda Civic Hatchback use?

1992 Honda Civics were fitted for R-12 from the factory, however if you're buying the car used, it may have been re-fitted for R-134. Best to take to an authorized A/C Repair shop if unsure.

Is it scary getting fitted for a bra Do you have to take off your top?

yea they take your top off i remember when i got fitted it was scary..

Where poker gauge is fitted to take propeller drop?

Poker guage is fitted on the Aft seal bearing/sealing housing to take the reading

What is an immobilizer system?

An immobilizer / immobilizer is an electronic device that is fitted to a vehicle to prevent the engine from running unless the correct or authorized user is present. It uses a Driver ID via walk-up or walk away Fob with RFID technology. It also prevents the vehicle from being hotwired after entry has been achieved. It is not a GPS system, but can be integrated with many GPS systems to offer enhanced features. · Immobilizers became a mandatory requirement for any vehicles entering into Canada in September 2007 (Standard 114). Immobilizers have been mandatory in all new cars sold in Germany since January 1998, United Kingdom in October 1998, Finland in 1998, and Australia since 2001. · Early models used a static code in the ignition key (or key fob) which was recognized by an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) loop. If the code was unrecognized, the multi circuit immobilizer would disallow ignition to take place. Current models of immobilizers use rolling codes or advanced cryptography to defeat copying of codes. Many newer vehicles are equipped with immobilizers at the factory. Several kinds of after-market immobilizers are also available. But not all immobilizers are created equal. The transponder is a radio frequency chip located in the key or key fob. When the chip is near the ignition, it sends a signal that deactivates the immobilizer, allowing the vehicle to start. The vehicle will not start without that signal. That means that when you walk away from your vehicle with the key or key fob, the immobilizer is armed and your vehicle cannot be started. Some immobilizers house the de-activation system in the steering wheel column. In addition, many iimmobilizers only disable one system in a vehicle, while best in class immobilizers must disable three. Many factory installed immobilization systems are electronic and function in conjunction with the vehicle computer (PCM/ECM). The electronic and ignition only systems tend to be ineffective against professional car thieves. Best in class 3 circuit systems, when properly installed, act as an effective deterrent to theft.

Ducato broken immobiliser?

If your Ducato immobilizer s broken, it is important to take it to an experienced mechanic to fix it for you.

What kind of freon does a 94 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme use?

R12 if Factory and if someone retro-fitted it, there should be a sticker signifying the charge with R134. Best to take it to a shop with an ID capable machine (they'll bill you for the labor)

Can the immobilizer on a 2007 Honda civic be changed?

yes you can take it to a garage because they are not aloud to remove it. you may have to take it to a friend that knows cars