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by repairing onto it

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Q: How do you start renewing a headlining in a Vintage car?
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How do you remove a burn mark in the car ceiling?

change the headlining

Who can I contact in the Denver area to enquire about a vintage car appraisal?

The Denver Automobile Appraisers is a good place to start to find out the value of your vintage car. Also try Collector Car Appraisals, which offers appraisals of vintage cars that come certified.

When was Vintage Sports-Car Club created?

Vintage Sports-Car Club was created in 1934.

Where can one buy vintage car manuals?

To find vintage car manuals, it's best to check on a site such as eBay. The site has many vintage items up for sale, and that would include vintage items such as manuals.

Who provides vintage car database for web developers?

The Vehicle List provides vintage car database for web developers.

Is a ford ltd 1977 a vintage car?

No, it is not. A Vintage car is a car built between 1919 and 1930. This is considered the Vintage Era. Some experts say that 1925 was the cut off date. A Classic car is one built before 1948.

Would a vintage car need an auto inspection?

Yes, a vintage car definitely need an auto inspection. Vintage cars are probably very old, and an auto inspection will find if there are any problems with the car, and fix it, so the car is safer to drive.

When was the vintage car invented?

in blahblahblah.............

What year is a vintage car?

I have heard 20 years is classic and 25 is vintage classic

Where can one find pictures of vintage cars?

A good place to start searching for pictures of vintage cars would be to check the pictures section of several different car trading businesses. Besides that there are several vintage cars pages online where one could check the related pictures.

Where could a person buy insurance for a vintage Citroen?

One can buy car insurance for a vintage Citroen at various companies that sell car insurance. One can buy car insurance for a vintage Citroen at insurance companies such as Geico and State Farm.

What is different between a modern car and a vintage car?

25 years.