How do you start a rolled Polaris Indy 340?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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remove the spark plugs and crank it without starting it and that should clear out the cylinders then clean the plugs with carb cleaner and install them .then start it . it may smoke for a few minutes.

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Q: How do you start a rolled Polaris Indy 340?
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Is a 1991 polaris Indy 340 good?

its an awesome skidoo. ive had mine for a few years and no trouble. i am a big polaris fan and i say Indy all the way...i love that skidoo

What is the horsepower of a 1996 Polaris Indy lite 340?

Pretty sure it was rated at 36 hp.

How fast does a polaris 340 Indy lite go?

That size sled runs about 65 to 75 mph.

How good is a 1980 polaris txl 340?

That was an awesome sled in its time. I have one. It had a powerful and light 340cc liquid cooled Fuji motor. It was the first year Polaris made available modern front suspensions, starting a revolution. It was an option on the 1980 TXL , called TXL INDY. My TXL is the old school, leaf spring model.

What should be used to replace a discontinued 1992 Polaris Indy Lite 340 original track?

You have to buy the conversion kit that changes the hole rear end of the sled and comes with a new track and also a new drive shaft its the only way so i here

What years did Polaris make a 340?

79...and they also made one in is called the Edge..... there are also some higher cc's like the 550......but my father and i have 2 polaris 340 TX's made in 79'. his is starting to fall apart, but they both still, run....... that and a 73 colt..... we have some older and not working polaris machines but they are in the weeds as we All the Indys made had a 340 model.

How much is 340 cc polaris horsepower?

Not enough, i estimate around 20hp, that is one of the least powerful engines made. save money and buy a 600 or 800.

What is the fuel ratio on a 1977 polaris electra 340?

That motor should be new enough to be running 50/1. Early 70's almost all motors switched to 50/1

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