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Check your spark plug has spark. If so, spray some starter fluid into engine then try. You can find repair manuals for many types of mopeds at

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Q: How do you start a pedel start moped engined bike that wont start?
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What types of transport that start with letter m?

monorail, moped, motorcycle, mountain bike, mule

Is electric bike the bike of the future?

there is 1 a moped it is a bike but it has a motor like a motorbike

What is the difference between a power assisted bike and a moped?

A power assisted (electrical) bike will only add power as long as the rider is pedalling. Stop pedalling, and the bike stops. A moped OTOH will behave like a slow motorcycle, start the engine and off it goes. Doesn't matter if you're pedalling or not.

How are rocks and used by 6th grade?

when you ride a bike you use mineral becaues the parts of the bike has minerals such as the pedel and the barhandle

Is there a moped that looks like a dirt bike?

yes and it is "Tayako 110cc Moped Cycle / Scooter"

How are rocks and minerals used by 6th grade?

Rocks and minerals are used in 6th grade science lessons to teach students about the Earth's composition, geological processes, and the rock cycle. Students also learn about the uses of rocks and minerals in everyday life, such as in construction, manufacturing, and technology. Hands-on activities like rock and mineral identification and experiments help students understand their properties and how they are important natural resources.

Modes of travel that start with m?

Minivan, monorail, moped, motorcycle and mountain bike are modes of transportation. They begin with the letter M.

What 2 words is Moped?

A motor bike with peddles.

Can you drive a moped at age 11?

of course, if you can ride a bike you can

What exactly is moped insurance ?

moped insurance is insurance for a moped. A moped is like a small motorized scooter/bike like thing used to help transport people. Most commonly used in europe

What do moped rollers do?

They change the gears on a automatic bike to put it simply

How old do you need to be to drive a moped in Indiana?

u can ride a 50cc bike or a moped at the age of 16 yrs in india....but u cant ride a bike above 50cc if ur not 18 yrs ....