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Q: How do you split 90cc two stroke case?
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What will happen if you put two stroke in a four stroke engine?

I'm not sure if you are talking about oil or the gas.In case of the gas -It will run. no side effects.

How much oil do you put in a 49cc mini motorcycle?

Well the first necessary piece of information I would need to know is: Is it a two stroke or four stroke engine? I assume its four stroke as I'm sure you know that you need to mix two stroke oil with petrol and then put it in the tank if it's a two stroke. In that case, 25 to 30ml of two stroke oil to a litre of petrol is perfect. On the otherhand, if it is a four stroke, 300-400 ml of oil should be about right.

What is two stroke cycle?

a two stroke cycle said that two stroke of the piston to complete firing cycle

A parallelogram can be split into what type of triangle?

Generally a parallelogram will be split into two scalene triangles by a diagonal; depending upon which diagonal, they will be acute or obtuse. However, it is possible for the diagonal to be the same length as one of the sides, in which case it will be split into two isosceles triangles. For the special case of the "regular" parallelogram (whereby every side is equal in length, and it is otherwise known as a Rhombus) it will generally be split into two isosceles triangles, but the diagonal could be the same length as the sides and it will be split into two equilateral triangles.

Is a YZ80 a 2 stroke or 4 stroke?

It is a two stroke...

How are two stroke engines lubricated?

Two stroke engines are lubricated by mixing special two-stroke oil in with the petrol.

Into what two groups did the Christians split?

Roman Catholic AnswerThe only split possible for Christians is to "split" into heresy, apostasy, or schism. In the first case, they deny some aspect of the faith such as protestants, in the second case, they deny the faith entirely, such as modern pagans; and in the third case, they deny the supremacy of Peter, such as the Orthodox.

Is a velosolex a two stroke?

Yes, a Vélosolex has a two-stroke engine.

Is a yz 80 a two stroke or four stroke?

2 stroke

Will four stroke oil damage two stroke engine?

You can use four stroke oil for a (very) limited period in a two stroke engine in an emergency. However it is not formulated for two stroke engines and is not recommended.

Does a kx125 have an oil filter?

depends if it is a two stroke or four. a two stroke will not be a four stroke may i am not sure

Is a yz85 a 2 stroke?

yes a yz is two stroke so any yz is 2 stroke but if it has an f on the end its a 4 stroke so a yz250 is two stroke a yz250f is 4 stroke

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