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press and hold SEL button, select what you want to set with the CD track selection button, turn the volume knob to set

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Q: How do you set the clock on a jvc kdg140 car CD player?
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How do you set clock on JVC KD-R210?

how do you set clock on jvc kd r210 cd player

Ive bought jvc v4 cs-v414 coaxial car speakers but will they work with any jvc CD player?

they will work with any car CD player. JVC or not

What is the best quality of the JVC players?

The JVC KDR-900 is their top model of car cd/mp3 player.

How do you set the clock on a jvc kd-s34 car stereo?

it is in the owners manual as long as you didnt steal it

Why is my clock CD player and cigarette lighter off after trying to install my jvc kw-xr610?

Check your fuses

How do you set clock on jvc kd-6200 CD player?

hold down the sel button it will take you to menu page

How do you unlock car jvc stereo?

I need to unlock a jvc-kw-xr616 car stereo

How do you set the clock on a JVC KD S640 CD player?

how to set clock on jvc kd s-640 CDpress an hold the select for more than two seconds clock H will appear use the volume up and down buttons to set hour. use the up and down tuning buttons to switch from hour to min.

How do you set the clock on a jvc kd r200 CD player?

Yes they all can be repaired but its a case of what it will cost verse cost of a new one.

Where can one purchase a JVC car CD player?

JVC car CD players can be purchased at many online and physical locations. Canadian Tire, Best Buy and any other store that carries car stereos will have this item in stock or available for order.

What is the best type of car amplifiers?


What are the main JVC products for car audio systems?

One of the main two JVC products for car audio systems would be the DAB series of car stereos. The second main JVC product would be the Dolby surround sound stereo system.