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it is based on Octane levels, you have your standard 89,91,93 octane regular gas, and racing fuel is closer to 117 octane hope that helps

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Q: How do you separate a high grade racing fuel from normal fuel?
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How much is it to fill a bugatti veron tank?

For a Buggati Veryon 16.4 About 250.00 in mid-grade fuel. In racing fuel well over 300.00

Does a Kawasaki 85cc Dirt Bike only take racing fuel?

no, it can take regular unleaded fuel from the pump but racing fuel is the best

What are fuel cells used for?


What do sports cars run on?

Generally a Sports car is a higher than normal performance vehicle so Premium or high octane fuel is recommended.Race cars use racing fuel ( over 100 octane )

What kind of fuel is used for snowmobiles?

Snowmobiles use a VP racing fuel blend.

What is the difference top fuel and nitro?

"Top fuel" is the class of drag racing that uses a fuel made up of 90% nitromethane and 10% methanol(also called racing alcohol) more commonly called "nitro".

Are there cheats for racing live?

Best racing live cheat, just released. Add KDCV4C , refills your fuel!

How can you fuel crew in street racing on Facebook?

it is in the home page

What are the release dates for Roary the Racing Car - 2007 Easy on the Fuel?

Roary the Racing Car - 2007 Easy on the Fuel was released on: UK: 2007 USA: 7 November 2008

How do you know which type of fuel to buy for your car?

Your owner's manual says the fuel grade that your car was designed for. Some cars have stickers on the fuel filler door stating the fuel grade.

What is a jet fueled car?

Jet fuel is high grade diesel so a jet fuel car would use high grade diesel fuel.

What is the setting for a Porsche 944 non turbo fuel rail pressure setting I have a aftermarket Lindsey racing fuel rail with regulator?

according to the haynes manual the normal operating pressure for the n/a fuel rail should be 48 psi. If it is below that, you have a bad fuel pump. If you unplug the regulator vacuum hose and the fuel pressure goes above 58 psi, your regulator is shot.