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Once it cools off it will start.

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2009-07-02 17:28:08
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Q: How do you restart your car after vapor lock?
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My 1999 2.4l Chevrolet Malibu seems to vapor lock when hot.Why can you wait 3-5mins and it will restart?

It is impossible for a fuel injected car to vapor lock. If you have a check engine light on then you need to address that problem first.

Does a vapor lock problem or something else cause a 1992 Buick LeSabre to stalls and refuse to restart in hot weather?

pressurized fuel system with return lines can not vapor lock. its something electricl, you dont give enough info to guesstimate the problem

What are engine vapor lock symptoms?

dodge lancer vapor lock

How do you restart Chrysler lhs when the alarm goes off?

you have to dis-engage the passangers door lock with car off.

Why is my 2000 cavalier only runing for about 10 miles and then die and not start back up for 10 to 15 mins?

There could be several reasons, but First is you make be overheating, or it could be vapor lock. If it is vapor lock you need to change your cat. converter. a lot of times you can tell vapor lock by looking under the car and it the "cat" is bright red then it is vapor locked

What might be the problem car won't start when hot but after cooling for a while starts fine?

Vapor Lock.

Why does car not start when engine is hot?

What is the car? and how old is it? In most cases because as the car sits the fuel in the fuel line above the engine boils into a vapor. This causes a vapor bubble in the fuel line which prevents the injectors from operating properly. The condition is called vapor lock.

What do you do if the auto gear shift is stuck in park after putting the ignition back in and now the car will not start?

some cars have a 'shift lock' mechanism, you insert your car key into the 'shift lock' machanism to unlock the gear, restart your car to drive to nearest repair shop.

Will your iPhone lock if you sync it to your computer?

No it shouldn't, unless you have your lock set to come on after a restart.

How do you get out vapor locks on F250?

Are you certain that you are having Vapor lock ?? I haven't seen a true case of vapor lock in years...and i own a shop. Vapor lock (also called percolation) occurs when the gasoline in the fuel line boils. the fuel must get very hot for this to happen. Usually it happens on a hot summer day and the fuel line is placed too closely to an exhaust manifold. In almost every case of vapor lock i have ever seen, the car was not fuel injected but carburetted. The cure is to re-route the fuel line away from heat sources under the hood. But i must say that i would be surprised if you have an actual case of vapor lock. It is rare.

Can a 1998 mercury 200efi outboard vapor lock?

Yes a 1998 mercury 200 efi outboard vapor can lock. Most of the time the issue can be traced back to the quality of fuel put into the engine that can cause the vapor to lock.

Fix vapor lock 98 s10 blazer?

fix vapor lock on 1998 chevy s10 2.2 liter 4 cylinder

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