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Disconnecting the battery for a minute will reset the on board computer which in turn can cause a self calibration after the battery is reconnected and the engine is started. Whether that causes it to pass a smog test really depends if the computer actually needed to be reset. The probability is pretty low that reseting the computer alone will solve the problem; that is unless some other adjustment was made. For example when replacing a sensor or adjusting the ignition timing it can be good to reset the computer so it will recalibrate after the changes to the engine were made.

Here is a tip: the emissions will improve by retarding the timing. The allowed tolerance is +/- 3 degrees. Normally you set the timing to zero degrees with the computer disconnected. However, setting the timing to -3 degrees (retarded) is still within spec and can help it pass. You can get a timing light at Harbor Freight for $12.

Another tip: synthetic oil is supposed to be smokeless. It may help a little but dont expect a huge improvement.

Another tip: Premium gas is better when taking the test

General advice would be: fresh spark plugs, good spark plug wires, distributor cap and rotor. Make sure motor is fully warmed up first. Try to fix vacuum hose leaks if you can find them.

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Q: How do you reset the emissions to pass smog test?
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Does your odometer have to be working in order to pass a smog test only?

No, the odometer is not part of an emissions test.

Can a crankshaft sensor cause a failure to pass smog test?

Probably not as the emissions test (Smog test) is carried out by inserting a sensor into the exhaust pipe.

Do you i need a smog pump on your 2001 blazer?

If it came with one from the factory, yes if you want to pass emissions test.

How often do you replace a catalytic converter?

I never replace it ,only if you need to like before a smog test so it can pass emissions

Will a vehicle pass smog if the o2 sensor is out?

No, it will not pass the smog test with a defective or removed O2 sensor.

Will a bad catalytic converter cause you to fail the emissions portion of the smog test?


Does a car pass smog test if the opdomiter is not working?

the opdomiter does not work, will it pass smog? opdomiter, not sure what that is. Please define.

Can you pass emissions test with engine light on?


How do you reset computer on a 2006 Chevy Impala?

use a scan tool even a basic one from autozone if you know the guy working there he can reset it on the scan tool, you can disconnect the battery for 2 days. when i had mine unplugged doing some motor work, I had to drive around to pass emissions pcm had reset so i could pass the emissions test. hope this helps.

Will your dodge Dakota pass smog test if you reset check engine light?

The check engine light (service engine soon) comes on and stays on when a problem is detected by the self diagnosis system of your vehicle. Generally, the problem is in the emissions or something that is affecting the effectiveness of the emissions, but other causes can trigger the light to come on, too. To determine the cause, the vehicle will need to be taken to a parts store or a shop that has an OBD2 scanner, or for 1995 and earlier models, an OBD1 scanner, While a scanner will not give you the magic answer, it will give you a code that narrows down the problem area. If the cause isn't repaired and the light is simply reset, you will fail the smog test.

Will a catalytic converter test tube pass inspection?

Not if they test emissions.

What do you do if you cannot get your car to pass emissions test?

Get it fixed.