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If that model was available without a/c, you will need to purchase the belt for a 95 town car w/out ac, and follow the appropriate belt routing diagram for that model.

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Q: How do you reroute serpentine belt to bypass ac compressor on 1995 town car?
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How can you route the serpentine belt to bypass the AC compressor on a 1993 Buick lesabre What size belt do you use?

I had a 1995 buick lesabre and the A/C compressor went out in the winter time. I waited until spring to replace the compressor. In the mean time, I used a Dayco 72.10 inch belt and bypassed the A/C compressor and it runs fine.

What is the length of serpentine belt on 1995 jeep grand Cherokee 5.2 without AC. Compressor locked up and want to bypass compressor without installing bypass pulley?

NAPA 25-070825 or Dayco 5070825 These belts will work for installing/bypassing with no A/C

How can I bypass air conditioning compressor pulley on a 1995 Honda civic with a shorter belt?

remove compressor put a bypass pulley in its place replace belt

What size serpentine belt do you need to bypass smog pump for a 1995 Ford F-250 5.8L?

93.5 inches for the bypass

How can you bypass air conditioning compressor pulley on a 1995 Lincoln town car?

hey had this same prob u cant bypass it but you can buy a bypass pulley but gotta remove the compressor i tried to bypass with a belt but its not enough tension so get the pulley and your good to go

What size of serpentine belt should you buy for an 1995 3.4L Camaro to bypass the AC compressor?

Buy the one that fits a 95 3.4L Camaro that came from the factory without A/C if that was an option. Otherwise talk to your Auto Parts store manager.

How would you bypass the air conditioning compressor on a 1995 Oldsmobile eighty eight?

They sell bypass pulleys but you may need to remove compressor to install (this I'm not sure about but looks like you have to.) I s there an easier fix?

Ac compressor froze up can you reroute the serpentine belt so as not to use ac compressor on a 1995 jeep with an inline 6?

Yes, but chances are that you will have to take the compressor off and install an "a/c compressor by-pass pulley". You will probably have to order it as very few places have them in stock. Check with NAPA auto parts. They are the best. AutoZone, Advance, O'Reilly don't carry this item. Check also online since you have to order it but NAPA usually gets it faster than the post office can deliver. NAPA seems to be next day while online ordering SHIPS in two business days.

What belt do you use if you remove the air conditioner compressor on a 1995 Camaro Z28?

You can get an A/c delete/bypass pulley whichi would be the easiest.

Is it possible to use the shorter serpentine belt 90.5 inches in a 1995 Astro van if a bad ac compressor is removed Is the belt routing the same less the compressor?

Yes, as long as the belt is neither to short or too long, and the proper tension is maintained.

Where in the engine bay is the AC compressor located on a 1995 Chevy Monte Carlo?

What engine? Find the serpentine belt. One of those pullies is the ac compressor. Check for a couple of aluminum lines going the back of one of those components as well as and electrical plug and you found it.

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