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In order to reprogram an AstroStart HST5224 remote, you must put the key in the ignition and turn it until just before the car cranks. Press and hold the valet button at the same time. Once this is done, the LED in the dashboard display should blink, and the car will emit a chirping noise: this sound is the signal that your system will be reset, denoting that the starter wire has been ground relayed. The engine should then start.

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Q: How do you reprogram an AstroStart remote HST5224?
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Reprogram AstroStart 2106u. Open hood. Place key in the ignition and turn to the RUN position. Apply the brakes once. You now have 10 seconds to turn the key from the RUN to the OFF position 3 times. If this sequence is correctly carried out, the control module flashes parking lights (4 flashes). You may then proceed to the next step. Press the "KEY" button on the new remote control. When access code of new remote control is memorized, the control module will confirm with flashing parking lights (1 flash). Repeat the above procedures for each remote control that has to be programmed (up to 4 remotes). Apply the brakes. Done!

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