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If it is a 2wd model, the bearings are in the hub/rotor assembly. If the brakes need to be changed soon it would be better to do it now and change the rotors/pads. If the rotor/brakes are good, you would need to remove the brakes/rotor, remove the bearing seals/bearings. Grease the new bearings, install new seals and reassemble the brakes, axle nut torque spec is 400nm(296ft-lbs).

A 4x4 model is more complicated, needing to also remove the knuckle/spline from the A-arm to remove the front axle from it. Also have to disconnect/remove wheel speed sensor/wire. The bearing comes complete with the hub assembly that get bolted to the knuckle/spline.

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Rear wheel drive or 4X4 drive info is important also.

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Q: How do you replace wheel bearing on a 2007 ford f150?
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What size spindle socket is needed for a 91 ford f150 4x4 to removing hub wheel to replace wheel bearing?

24 mm i believe

How do you replace the front wheel bearing on a ford 1995 ford f150 4x4 with automatic locking hubs?

it might have to be pressed in with a machine call and ask people

Replace brake pads and rotors on a 2007 f150 super crew cab?

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What is the torque spec for a 2004 ford F150 front wheel bearing?

225 ft lbs

Is the 2007 f150 rear wheel drive?

A 2007 Ford F-150 is either rear wheel drive or 4x4 capable

How do you change wheel bearing on a 2011 ford f150?

2 or 4 wheel drive makes a big difference. Need more info.

What are the torque specs for front wheel bearings on a Ford F-150?

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How do you remove the rotor on 1991 Ford F150 4X4?

special socket required to remove nut that retains rotor and wheel bearing. use impact gun . be prepared to repack and reset wheel bearing

How many lugs on 2007 Ford F150?

24 or 6 per wheel.

How do you replace wheel bearing on a 1990 ford f150 2 wheel drive?

pull the wheel, remove the bearing dust cover, remove the cotter pin, remove the castle nut, slide the hub off, take out the rear seal and bearing, knock out the races reinstall in reverse order. pack bearings and hub with good grease don't go cheap. oh it helps to remove the brake caliper for a first timer

What is the wheel bearing torque specs on an 87 f150 4x4 with manual locking hubs?

a quarter turn before you strip the nut out