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you take off the hair and pink nails of the car

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Q: How do you replace the front wheel bearings in a 1990 loyale wagon?
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What specialty tools are needed to replace front wheel bearings on a front wheel drive summit wagon?

Do I need any special tools to replace front wheel bearings on a Saturn 2002 L200?Also what is the procedure for doing so?

Can a backyard mechanic replace front wheel bearings on a Summit Wagon?

yes its pretty simple but time consuming, not a fun one but i could do it in my backyard

Is there an easy way to replace the water pump on a 1992 Subaru Loyale wagon and does it help to use an after market water pump?

yes,go to a mechanic and get him to do it

How do you change the front bearings on a 1995 a Lancer wagon?

If it anything like the 1995 CC Sedan, you replace the whole front wheel hubs, rather than just the bearing. Its easier & cheaper after you take workshop charges / parts into consideration.

How much should it cost to replace rear wheel bearings for a 2000 Subaru Legacy Brighton wagon?

I need front wheel bearings on my s-10 pickup. The shop quoted me $612. When I look up the part online - the wheel bearings cost under $25. I can't imagine that they actually charge over $575 in labor! Not sure if that helps you. I kind of have the same question.

Subaru Loyale wagon handbrake button and spring came off how do you fix that?

Ya unscrew it, get a new one and screw it back on

What will it cost to replace and install two front Subaru Outback axles?

I paid a shop $1399 to replace one front hub, (worn) with a used one from a scrapyard (cost was $125), both front wheel bearings (left and right sides of car) and front brakes. Two brand new hubs would have been $250 each extra from the dealer for my 1999 legacy outback wagon. Date: Dec 2010

How do you replace left front turn signa bulbl Toyota corola wagon 1993?

please tell me how may I change the bulb on the left turn signal on a Toyota corola wagon 1993

How many bearings are there on a 1988 mercury tracer wagon front wheel?

There should be two on each side, outer and inner. There would be a big nut and cotter pin assembly that hold them inside the hub

What is the background of the Conestoga wood stoves with the chuck wagon on the front doors?

i have a wood stove with a Chuck wagon on the front

What did the car replace?

horse and wagon

You have an 1983 34 ton power wagon pu 4 wheel drive and it drifts all over the road help?

Check tires for wear Check front end componets for looseness Check wheel bearings