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You can repair it with a welder or you can replace it.

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Q: How do you repair a car muffler with a hole in it?
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How do you repair a hole in the muffler on your 91 Chevy s10 truck?

If there is a rotted hole in the muffler please replace the muffler. However, if there is a small hole at the bottom end of the muffler it is there to allow water to escape.

Why is your car emitting light fumes from the muffler?

Hole in the muffler.

What did one car muffler say to another car muffler?

"Shut your pipe hole!!"

Should you drill a hole in your car muffler so the water will drain from it?

No, Do not drill a hole in your muffler! The water evaporate when the car gets warmed up. If you drill a hole in your muffler, The next time it gets inspected it will fail.

Where can I get muffler repair services about in Dallas?

Midas Dallas is one of the muffler repair shop. Any auto body repair shop should be able to replace or fix your muffler problem. If not, take you car back to the car dealer, they should be happy to serve you.

Can your car pass emission inspection with a hole in the muffler in new york?


Muffler repair 91 topaz?

You don't repair a muffler, you REPLACE it.

Will a hole in your car's muffler prevent it from starting?

No. But if it is a big hole it will be very loud, and in most states you can get a ticket for excessive noise.

How to fix Hole in rear bosal muffler 93 Honda civic cx?

i have a hole in my muffler right in the middle of the muffler how can i cover it

How does one repair a hole in a Borla exhaust?

To repair a hole in a Borla exhaust try taking vehicle to a reputable muffler shop. Popular opinion states that having the hole welded will work but make sure the after market repairs are legal in your state.

Hole in muffler?

replace it

How can I get muffler repair in England?

There are many online shops that sell muffler repair. is one of online shop that sells muffler repair for any kind of auto cars. You can visit

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