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you may have to find the other side of the nut/bolt on the underside of the vehicle and cut it off with a cutoff wheel or drill it; you just have to buy some new bolts and nuts to replace the old ones

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Q: How do you remove the seat if the seat is stuck and the rails are blocking the mounting bolts?
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How do you get the cross member holding your transfer case off?

remove the bolts at the frame rails

How do you remove the front drivers seat on a 1995 jaguar xjs?

Move seat back, remove bolts at the front of the chair slide rails. Then move the seat forward and remove the bolts at the rear of the seat slide rails. Disconnect control connections (Lumbar, heater etc)

Does the back bench seat of a 1999 mercury village estate come out?

It comes out if you remove the 2 bolts in front and 4 bolts in back. But you are left with the brackets sticking up from the rail sliders. There are bolts down the sides of the rails, under the carpet if you want to remove the whole works, but then you are left with a gulley where the rails were.

How do you remove 2002 maxima rear bumper cover?

1)Purchase new bumper cover wing (wrap around) mounting rails and hardware 2) Open trunk and remove liner left and right to gain access to mounting hardware 3) Remove taillight harness left and right 4) Remove taillights (left and right) These are sealed and will require very careful prying away from body. Work slowly and allow the adhesive to release. 5)Completely remove the bumper cover push locks (2) beneath each taillight 6) Examine inner fender (inside trunk) for (2) bumper cover wing mounting bolts on left and right sides. Loosen but do not remove (inner bolt on passenger side is behind the jack assembly). Apply penetrating oil as necessary to loosen. NOTE: these bolts are often rusted badly and WILL break. Hence the need to purchase new mounting rails before starting work. 7) Carefully pry rear side marker assemblies from vehicle and remove wiring harness. Pry carefully from the rear. 8) Remove (2) mounting bolts beneath left and right bumper cover wings (fender) may be rusted and require vise grips and some force to pull out. 9) Remove (1) mounting behind each rear wheel (upper end of bumper cover wing) 10) Remove bumper cover corner bolts below and toward the outside corner of left and right taillight 11) Carefully remove the bumper cover wing bolts previously loosened inside the fender. Don't worry if they break, you have new hardware. 12) Carefully pull bumper cover toward the rear to free it from the vehicle. 13) Installation is the reverse of this procedure.

How do you remove Truck Bed Rails?

How to remove bed rails from a dodge truck

Where is the starter on 2001 Cadillac sts?

It is under the intake right on top of the engine. Not as bad as it sounds. Remove cover, injector rails (do not disconnect), remove three bolts on the throttle body and the several bolts holding on the big black plastic plenum

How do you remove front seats of 2002 Saturn l series?

The seat rails are bolted to the floor of the passenger compartment. Remove the bolts and any connected wiring and the seat should be easily removed.

How do you remove front seats in a 2003 Saturn l 200?

There are bolts that hold down the seat rails. The bolts go through the floor, and if you remove them, the seats lift right out. Move the seats back to loosen the front bolts, then move the seats forward to remove the back bolts. Don't forget to disconnect the electrical plugs since you don't want to destroy the sensors and seat controls.

How do you remove the front bumper on a 1984 Firebird?

To remove the second gen f-body you have to first get under it remove the lower shroud. remove the four bolts in both fenders where they conect to the bumper. i have found that removing the head light assembly made it easier to reach the bolts. Remove the plate that hood latch is in. If you take the lower support off of it it comes all the way out. then remove the four bolts that hold the bumber to the frame rails. (four bolts in each fraim rail Eight total). then that bumper will come right off.

How do you take a driver seat out of an impala?

On newer models, you have to move the seat all the way forward, remove side trim cover, remove seat belt anchor bolt, remove seat rails retaining bolts, tilt seat upward, disconnect wires, remove seat...

How do I remove front seats 1984 olds cutlass?

Look under your seats the rails for moving the seat back and forth there will be some bolts that go into the floor. Simply take out the bolts and make sure to unclip any wires so not to damage them, and this should do it.

How do you remove the front seat out of a 2008 Chevy impala?

Move the seat all the way forward, remove the 2 bolts on back of the rails, remove the side trim cover, remove the seat belt retaining bolt, tilt seat, disconnect wiring, remove seat. (See Haynes Repair Manual # 24047).....