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I encountered this problem myself and after an hour of messing around called the Ford Dealership to find out a probable solution. Basically, there is a clip behind the mounting plate itself that you must pry open to allow the mounting clip to release. There are no "specific" tools for doing this and best suggestion is to use a very small flat head screw driver to try and accomplish this feat. You must try and "twist" the clip to allow the for mounting plate to release from the mirror itself. Be careful as you could easily destroy the assembly piece if your pry too hard!

I encountered the same problem, after messing around for 45 minutes, I finally figured it out!

There is a small square slot at the end the set screw normally is. If you cut off a piece of coat hanger wire about 6 inches long and insert it in the square slot towards the center of the tab, it will release the spring clip holding it.

you then have both hands free to use a larger flat bladed screwdriver to gently pry the tab out!

Be careful though, it is all made of aluminum and is very fragile!

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Q: How do you remove the mounting tab from the rear view mirror on a ford pickup there is no set screw?
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Is it possible to attach a mirror to a wall without ruining the wall?

Of course it is. Use special mirror mounting brackets that have screws. Screw hole are easy to fix in any wall if you later remove the mirror

How do you detach the mounting button from the mirror on the inside rearview mirror on 2006 Wrangler Unlimited?

allen screw at the bottom of the mirror mount

How do you remove a mirror from a 1990 Ford Ranger when screws are stripped?

drill screw head out with 1/4 " drillbit mirror mounting plate can be removed by removing door panel. replace with new monting plate if threads are stripped in mounting plate. just did this myself

How do you remove the metal button from the mounting device on a 2001 Chevy S-10 rear view mirror?

should be a very small set screw that uses an Allen wrench

If the rear view mirror of a 1994 Lincoln Town Car fell off the windshield how do you separate the mounting bracket from the rest of the mirror so you can re-glue it using an adhesive kit?

Where the mirror arm attaches to the mounting bracket there is a tiny Allen screw. Take an Allen wrench that fits the Allen screw and turn counter clock wise to loosen the screw and the mounting bracket will slip out. Reverse the action to mount the mirror back to the mounting bracket after it is attached to the windshield. I have just done this job to my '94 town car. Good luck!

How can I tighten my loose electronic compass rear view mirror in a Ford Taurus?

there should be a screw on the mounting plate for your mirror. most of then are a hex head bolt the just holds the mirror to the mounting plate. look at where the mirror connects to the windshield, that's where the bolt should be.

How do you remove rear view mirror from a 2000 Chevy astro van?

Remove the set screw from the mirror, slide off.

How do you remove crank sensor on a 2000 Dodge Intrepid?

Disconnect the electrical connector, remove the mounting screw and remove the sensor.

How do you remove the rear view mirror button that is glued to the windshield?

Look at the mirror, and find the retainer screw. Loosen the screw and slide the mirror up, toward the roof of the car.

How do you reattach a rear view mirror on a 1999 jeep wrangler?

You can get a mounting kit from the parts store, the metal piece comes out of the mirror by loosening an allen screw, glue the mount to the window as per instructions and when it is set slide the mirror on and tighten set screw.

How do you remove the rear view mirror on a 2000 mustang conv?

Remove speaker grill, remove screw holding speaker, screws to the mirror are behind speaker

How do you tighten the rearview mirror on a 1999 I30 infiniti?

At the back of the mirror you will find a rubber stopper. The stopper is same color as the mirror. Remove that stopper and it will reveal a screw. Tighten the screw to adjust. Be careful not to remove the screw. If you do you will have to open up the mirror to catch it back. Also, depending on how flexible you are and the length of your screwdriver, you may need to remove the mirror. Use a screwdriver to pry out the plastic cover and and you will see all three screws holding the mirror to the roof.