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depending on make/model, and engine type

i will asume its a v6 with 8 studs

make sure the gasket surface is clean and straight, on the block and the head,

place the gasket on the block , place the head on the studs,

put the washers on the suds, then tighten the nuts by hand,

get a torque wrench

tighten the middle 4 up evenly in a X pattern verry gently

then do the outer ones in a large X pattern

come back to the middle and do it again only this time tighten it to about 25 NM

then the others again, then go back to the middle and do them up at 35 NM

when you done them al at 35 then go around all the studs and check if they are still on 35 NM, now put the cams and stuff back in (assuming you did not take the valves out, or have placed them back) check valve timing before putting the valve cover and gasket back on.

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Q: How do you reinstall a cylinder head on a 2.6liter?
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The cylinder head is located on top of the engine. The spark plugs thread into the cylinder head(s).....

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take off the head, replace gasket. reinstall head

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Cracks can be welded and then the head can be resurfaced.

What is the Vmax head gasket torque specs?

Cylinder head 43Nm Cylinder head cover 10Nm

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Start with undressing the cylinder head inlet and exhaust manifolds get a container for bolts and any other small stuff undo all of the cylinder head studs and lift off the cylinder head.

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DOHC stands for Dual Over Head Cam : That means that each cylinder head has 2 camshafts on the top of the engine cylinder head ( in the case of the Ford Escort ZX2 , there is one cylinder head on the four cylinder engine so it has 2 camshafts on top of the cylinder head )

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The purpose of the cylinder head is Luke Cooper

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Cylinder Head Torque

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To install a cylinder head temperature sensor on a F-250, you disconnect the cylinder head sensor from the electrical connector at the rear of the cylinder head. When installing the new one, you reverse the process of removal. The cylinder head temperature sensor is located by the O2 sensor.

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Begin by removing the cylinder head from your Chevrolet S 10 four-cylinder engine. Remove the head gasket and clean the surface. Put the new head gasket on and return the cylinder head to its original position.

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Under the cylinder head. you have to take the head off to find it.