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Shift the transmission into N first, then pull the transfer case into LO-LOC or HI-LOC, for a automatic trans, or 4HI, or 4LO for a manual transmission. Put transmission back into drive and take off. If your truck has manual locking hubs, they will need to be turned to LOCK to engage the front axle.

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Q: How do you put a 1978 gmc into 4 wheel drive?
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Your 99 gmc Yukon is stuck in 4 wheel drive but the 2 wheel light is on how do you put it back into 2 wheel drive?

back up a few feet

How do I engage my 4 wheel drive in a 1986 GMC Jimmy 4x4.?

place car in neutral , then bring lever down to 4hi position , then put car in drive.

On a 2007 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE Z71 4x4. do all 4 tires pull when in four wheel drive?

Yes, in this vehicle all four tires driver or 'pull' when the car is put into four wheel drive. This is what putting a vehicle into four wheel drive does, naturally.

Why do you get a binding feeling turning left in 4wd on a 2000 GMC Jimmy?

Your 4 wheel drive may be engaged. Take out of 4 wheel drive and put it in reverse. Drive the car in reverse while turning the steering wheel all the way from one side to the other until it disengages.

Can you put a 2-wheel drive transmission in a 4-wheel drive truck and it still be a 4-wheel drive?


How do you put a jeep cj7 in 4 wheel drive?

Shift the 4 wheel drive lever into 4 wheel drive.

Why does my front wheel shake and wobble on my 4x wheel drive 98 gmc jimmy sle?

I have a 2000 Jimmy and just had to have new ball joints put in yesterday for the same problem and then had an alignment done on it today.

Why does 4 wheel drive fuse keep blowing on 98 gmc?

My 98 Chevy Tahoe does the same thing when I put it in 4 x 4. Did you find the problem?

Can i put a 2 wheel drive motor and transmission in a 4 wheel drive Chevy truck?

i have a 2 wheel drive and someone said i can have his 4 wheel drive but drive train is gone can i use mine and make the 4 wheel drive into a 2 wheel drive

How do you put a 97 discovery into 4 wheel drive?

It is in 4 Wheel drive all the time

How do you put a Chevy Trailblazer into four wheel drive?

To put a Chevy Trailblazer into four wheel driver, locate the four wheel drive component below the instrument panel. While the car is in drive, move the knob into the desired four-wheel drive position.

Can you put front wheel drive wheels on a all wheel drive car?

As long as their the right size.