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remove the left hand headlight it just pulls out and pull the cable from there if you still got some attached ok

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Q: How do you open the bonnet of an LDV 400 when the release cable is broken?
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How do you get the bonnet open when the catch has broken and there is no cable to get hold of - Renault Grand Espace?

If you want to get the bonnet open when the catch has broken and the is no cable to get hold of the Renault Grand Espace; use the screwdriver to PUSH the catch from right to left.

How do you open broken crafter bonnet catch?

It will cost you a few hunderd quid to get this sorted by renault... or get some handy person to get the bonnet open, and using a cable tie connected to the passenger side bonnet release, connect said cable tie, and let the end poke out from the bonnet. This then becomes your new bonnet release. Any eagle eyed person with the knowledge will be able to open your bonnet from the outside. So do be wary of this solution. But it only costs a few pence for a cable tie vs a few hunderd quid from reno.

How do you open the bonnet of a vauxhall corsa when the cable has broken?

pull the corde from near your pedals

How do you open bonnet on Skoda octavia when cable broken?

Got the same problem. Anyone got the answer

How do you open bonnet broken bonnet cable seat Toledo?

The bonnet catch is in the foot well on the passenger side near the door but high up. Pull it to release the catch then put your fingers between the gap of the slightly open bonnet lid in the middle. You will find a small plate that needs to pushed up ton release the lid.

How do you open locked bonnet of BMW 525tds 1999 computer indicates that it open?

To open the locked bonnet, or hood on a 1999 BMW 525 TDS, pull on the release handle inside the vehicle on the driver's side. The hood might be indicated as open if the cable is broken or stretched.

How do you open bonnet when release cable becomes unattached from engine catch?

Reach up from under car hold cable and push toward bonnet catch

How do you open the hood on a 1990 Isuzu Trooper that has a broken cable?

You can do this buy removing the plastic front radiator grill. You need to remove indicator lights, then the middle screw, then with a small flat screw driver release the plastic clips just underneath the bonnet. Then put your hand behind the bonnet catch and pull the broken cable or the latch and it will open. Good luck

The cable has snaped on a seat ibiza and you cant open bonnet any ideas how to open bonnet?

get a pair of long nose pliers, to the left of the bonnet lock (as you look at it) is the bonney cable, insert the pliers through the grill to get hold of the cable and push it to your right, towards the lock and the bonnet should pop. the just release the catch and it should open.

When the bonnet release is broken in your vauxhall vectra how do you get into it?

Even if the trunk release is broken, the external key lock should be able to open the trunk.

How do you open trunk when cable release is broken?

With a key or from the inside.

What to do if the bonnet cable wont open the bonnet on a vauxhall astra?

call a mechanic