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I am not sure. My advice would be to Google it or look it up on Yahoo Answers.

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Q: How do you make a mouse trap car go in a straight line?
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How do you make a mouse trap car without a mouse trap?

you dont

Can you play the mouse trap board game on line?

i think so

What is the purpose of an axle hook on a mouse trap car?

so the wheels will stay on straight

How do you make a mouse trap more powerful?

you don't.

Is the shower drain has a ubend or straight pipe?

Shower drain goes into a trap under shower. Continue piping from trap to drain line.

How do leprechauns be trap?

You have to be quick and hold them tight. Don't let go, they will give you their gold if you make them. You can make your own trap, or use the trap off of the game Mouse Trap.

What is the plural of mouse-trap?

The plural of mousetrap is mousetraps.

Axel's for my mouse trap racer?

Be cool about it and make it big!

How can you make sentences with the word trap?

A mouse was trapped in a cage.

Is a mouse trap a lever?

Yes a mouse trap is a lever

How do you make mouse trap cars go fast and far lke mi?

use a rat trap

How can you make a mouse trap car go forward then backwards?

have 2 mouse traps on it and have them facing opposite directions. have strings attached to each mouse trap and have each string wrapped an opposite direction around the axle. then set it up to have one mouse trap trigger the other.