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it will start leaking from under the dash

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2009-05-31 13:31:32
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Q: How do you know when your heater coil is bad?
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How do you know if your coil pack is bad?

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Is a heater coil a conductor?

heater coil is good conductor of electricity

You smell antifreeze when running the heater?

May have a bad heater coil or a lose coolant hose clamp near fire wall.

How do you know when a heater core is bad?

You know the heater core is bad when your truck leaks antifreeze onto the floor of the passenger side.

Where is the heater coil located ina Chevy venture 1999?

The heater coil is located behind the dash board. You will have to remove the dashboard to get at the heater coil

How do you know if your coil is bad on john deere lawn mower?

Lt133 lawn tractor will not fire is coil bad

How do you replace the heater coil on a 94 E350 Ford Van?

Hi Do you mean heater coil, or heater CORE? Im am going to try one tomorrow or the next day. By the manual it does not seem too bad, but you may need a special tool to disconnect the heater hose from the core.

You smell antifreeze when you turn on the heater Is it the heater coil?

Clarification of terminology- Heater core not heater coil. And Yes there is a very good chance that it may be leaking.

How do you know when your coil is bad on your 2001 Hyundai elantra?

It is important to know the symptoms of a bad car part. The symptoms of a coil going bad would be having a trouble starting and running the car, the coil getting hot, and poor fuel economy.

What is wrong with a 1989 Cressida if you can't get a spark from the coil?

If you know the coil is good then the Igniter is bad. It is right below the coil.

What is a heater coil and a heater core?

The heater coil and a heater core is the same thing. Hot water circulates from the engine and through the heater core then back to engine generating heat for your heater system.

Is a coil a conductor?

heater coil is good conductor of electricity

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