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Radiator fluid or coolant becomes corrosive over time and damages the cooling system. Manufacturers give recommendations for replacement, but they can be confusing. Because coolant depletion is a chemical reaction, time if far more important than mileage. With a five year or 100,000 mile recommendation, five years are the key.

Testing the pH of coolant gives a pretty good idea. New coolant has reserve alkalinity and measures 8.5 or higher. When coolant reaches 7.0 the reserve alkalinity is depleted and damage may begin. This is a good time to replace.

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Q: How do you know when a radiator needs flushing?
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What will flushing radiator do?

Rust and sediment can accumulate in the cooling system. Flushing the radiator helps keep the cooling system clean.

How do you put water in the radiator?

You don't, unless you are flushing the system. Use distilled water and add it to the coolant recovery bottle - and it needs to be mixed with coolant.

Why would the coolant light come on and the heater blow cold air in a 1985 Cadillac Deville 4.1 even after you tried replacing the thermostat and flushing the radiator?

Heater core (radiator) needs to be cleaned or changed

Should the car be running to flush the radiator?

Just flushing the radiator, no but to flush the system, yes.

How do you know if you have a cracked radiator?

A cracked radiator can not be fixed. A cracked radiator needs to be replaced . A mechanic can replace one in a few hours.

Does flushing your radiator help improve the air conditioning in the vehicle?

Yes, it is

What is a Shayna?

a very nice person who needs to start flushing the toilt. a very nice person who needs to start flushing the toilt.

What should I check for when my Chevy 1964 truck is overheating?

Low coolant? Radiator probably needs flushing and/or replacing after 40 years. Bad thermostat? System airbound? Water pump not circulating coolant? Hoses collapsing? Bad radiator cap?

Battery drainage on 1997 Chrysler town and country and is not alternator could it be that the radiator needs flushing which it does but would it cause battery to drain?

A raidator in need of a flush will not cause a battery drain.

What is a flushing tee?

following this link to see a picture of it. they are used in automotive application with radiator flushing machines

What does flushing your radiator do to a car?

It flushes out old coolant and particulates which have formed in your cooling system.

Why is there mud in your radiator?

Mineral sludge from tap water. A good radiator flushing will help and then use proper coolant to help keep the sludge building up and blocking the radiator.