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with a single over head cam you will see only one gear with a belt around it on th top left side of your head

dual over head cams have 2 gears at the same spot

if you have a cover on them then you will have to take it off

this is for front wheel drive cars not rw

ok. it depends on the style engine you have. then if it has over head cams or pushrod cams. A 4 cylinder non performance car like a laser, old rolla, Camry etc will usually have 1 pushrod style cam or on the odd occasion like a Honda prelude up to 94 model, single overhead cam. older style v6 engines usually have a single pushrod cam where later models have 2 cams, 1 over each head, still called single overhead cams. my 92 3.0L v6 pajero is a SOHC. even newer models of V bank engines have dual overhead cams (DOHC) which means there are 2 cams in each rocker cover, so 4 in total. Twin cams are only in performance 4 cyl engines where 1 camshaft controls the intake valves and the other camshaft controls the exhaust valves. these are usually 16 valve cars.

Try this website for some diagrams.

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Q: How do you knok if my car has a dual head Cam or Single Head Cam?
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