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Your Engine or your Cabin?

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Q: How do you keep your car cooler during summer?
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Why are bikini tops for jeeps popular?

Bikini tops for Jeeps are very beneficial to the car especially during summer months. It will help keep the inside of the Jeep cooler than if it did not have a bikini top. It will still allow the fresh air to travel through the car but it will provide protection from the sun's rays as well as any summer showers that you may experience during summer afternoons.

Will asiago cheese go bad if left in a car for an hour during the summer?

Since it was allowed to warm up so much, it will probably not keep as long as if it had not been left in the car.

What does 20-25 degrees C below ambient temperature mean as in a mini cooler does it mean below the room temp?

Yes, or at whatever temperature the cooler is stored: inside hot car during summer, ect.

Can you keep coke in the car in winter?

easy leave a little crack in the window to keep it cool=) if it does not work make sure its cooler!!

What is the point of using a car cooler?

A car cooler is a great device that is meant to be used in the vehicle. Some even have the option of plugging them into the lighter port of the dashboard to keep the items cold inside. It is a great travel aid to keep beverages and food items cold on road trips, or family picnics.

what is advantages of Coleman 5644710 Cooler over ac?

The Coleman Cooler is a great product for those that want to tailgate or that are going on long trips, it provides the end user with the ability to plug the cooler into the car to keep the contents cool and prevent ice from mealting.

Does a car need antifreeze to turn on?

no but if in the winter you do not put in the car the engine will freeze you can also use water during the summer No!

Why on a hot summer day inside of a white car is cooler than the inside of a black car?

White is a natural reflector of light and heat where black has a hugely lower capability to reflect light and heat from the same source

Why on a hot summer days the inside of the white car is cooler than the inside of black car?

White is a natural reflector of light and heat where black has a hugely lower capability to reflect light and heat from the same source

Why it is cooler in the white car than a dark car?

Because white reflects sunlight, and black absorbs sunlight. Therefore, a white car would be cooler.

Does window tint make a vehicle hotter?

Yes, it can, If your window tint reflects IR heat it can be warmer in the car when the temperatures are cooler outside. because the heat is reflected back into the car. As for sitting in the hot summer sun the tinted windows will feel cooler inside than the non-tinted windows. My car with 35% VLT Film that was a high quality ceramic film that blocked 90% or more of the IR. When I was driving in the summer with the sun coming in between the side window and the windshield on my leg, my calf was much cooler where the sun was shielded by the tinted window, my lower part of the leg was much warmer.

Is it true that different color automobiles some how draw heat?

Dark color vehicles wil be hotter than lighter colored vehicles. The surface of a white car vs. a black car in the summer can be 50 degrees cooler.