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The throttle cable and shift cable on a 1984 40 HP Mercury outboard engine is installed by raising the access panel and locating the appropriate connectors. Each cable is then attached to the engine to control its speed and gearing.

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Q: How do you install throttle cable and shift cable on your 1984 40 hp mercury outboard?
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Why are you not getting any throttle response when you step on the gas peddle of your 1991 mercury capri?

The throttle cable may be broken.

How to Install a throttle cable for a 1985 dodge power wagon?

remove the bad cable and put the good one! ;-)

How do you replace 1994 mercury villager tps cable?

TPS usually means throttle position sensor, and it doesn't have a "cable".

Where is throttle cable in Lexus sc 400?

The throttle cable is located on top of the throttle body.

What is a push-pull throttle cable for motorcycles?

A push-pull throttle is a very misunderstood thing. It is a dual cable throttle operation where in the pull cable is what opens the throttle plates. And, the push cable along with a throttle return spring is what closes the throttle plates.

How do you adjust throttle cable on 98 cirrus?

The throttle cable is not adjustable.

Where can you find a throttle cable from the transmission to the throttle body on a 1992 jet ta?

The throttle cable does not go from the transmission to the throttle body.

How do you adjust the throttle cable on a 4.7 Dodge engine?

There is no adjustment on the throttle cable.

Your 1999 mercury cougar is cutting out going down the road?

check the recalls there is something in there about the throttle positioning cable that was manufactured with a burr on the end of the cable... try that they will replace it for free.

What could cause your gas pedal to shake and vibrate?

check the recalls for the 99 mercury cougar!! it includes a recall on the throttle cable...

Where is the throttle position sensor on the 2006 2.4L dodge stratus?

On the throttle body, opposite of where the cable attachOn the throttle body, opposite of where the cable attach

Is the transmission on 1991 Mercury Grand Marquis electric or non electric?

This transmission is not electronic, its is operated via a throttle valve control cable running from the throttle body to the transmission bell crank.