How do you install 6x9 in a pug 106?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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you'd need to install 5 more wheels and make 6 wheels driving wheels.

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Q: How do you install 6x9 in a pug 106?
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Can you install 6x9 speakers in a 1998 maxima?


Where can one purchase a Pug 106?

A Pug, or Peugeot, 106 can be purchased second-hand via Auto Trader or advertisements in one's local newspaper. It is not possible to purchase a brand new Peugeot 106 as production ceased in 2004.

How do you operate the back windscreen wiper on a pug 106 xnd graduate?

turn wiper stalk

How to install 6x8 speakers to 6x9 hole?

The easieast way and probably the safest to buy an adapter from 6x9 to 6x8. Also you can cut out a form from a acrylic sheet so you can fill out empty space between speaker and a deck and install speaker with 4 screws.

How do you install 6x9 in 1998 Honda civic?

Larger speakers, such as a 6x9 unit, require little modification to fit. A 6x9 unit can still be mounted without any cuts to the back. Plug the speakers in to the wiring harness and tighten the mounting screws for the speakers.

Can you install 6x9 speakers in a 1990 Ford Probe?

i wouldn't try it just buy a pair of 6x8s

How do you replace the rear speakers on a 94 Camry?

well the rear speakers in a 94 Camry are 6x9 speakers and u can get after market 6x9 speakers at common large stores like BESTBUY ... anyways when u buy 6x9 speakers at bestbuy they install them for an additional $55 appx. good luck

Where is the location of the power steering pump on a peugeot 106 1.1 zest 2?

hi i have a pug 106 independance an the power steering pump is located just behind the front bumper on the passengers side

Do 5dr pug 106 97 have rear speaker cables already in place if not how do i wire up a set of rear speaker 6'9s?

Yes, they do.

What size speakers do a 1991 Cadillac elDorado have?

I am in the process of changing my speakers and the rear are 6x9 inches and the front are 6.5 I dont think it has more speakers EDIT: Also i forgot to mention that u can install 5.25 inches speakers at the back as well. So you can install either 6x9's or 5.25's whichever u like.

What number times what is 54?


If your back lights work and your front lights don't what could be the problem pug 106 xsi?

You might check to see if your front headlight bulbs are out.