How do you initial time a small block Chevy?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Take the pass side valve cover off. When number six cylinder is on overlap, the exhaust valve is just closing, and the intake just opening, bring the timing mark on the balancer up to 0. Now point the rotor, on the distributor toward the number 1 terminal on the distributor cap. While cranking the motor over, move the dist., counter clockwise to advance, and clockwise to retard. Popping out the carb, is too far advanced, and popping out the exhaust, is too far retarded. KEEP the air cleaner on, as advanced, will come with flames.

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Q: How do you initial time a small block Chevy?
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What is the best small block Chevy engine?

The 350 has, over time, been the best, most versatile, small block, ever.

When the egr valve on a 1978 Chevy small block is removed will it recirculate exhaust all of the time?


Why did Chevy company's stop making small block 400 engine?

it was a waste of time and money. it was the only small block in its generation that was externally balanced and had different size main and piston journals.

Would a 350 small block fit in a 07 Chevy Cobalt?

Yes actually! You probly would have to make some firewall modifications, but you could get it to fit with a little bit of time and work

How do you build a simple engine at home for car?

From scratch it would be nearly impossible unless you have a machine shop and a ton of money and time at your disposal. You could however build an engine from store bought parts to fit your needs. I recommend building a small block chevy engine as they are relatively simple and parts are easy to locate and are not that expensive. There are lots of books out there that show you step by step on building the small block chevy.

Why is vacuum advance on distributor hitting the intake manafold on small block Chevy?

The distributor is off a tooth or two. You can pull the distributor out and turn the rotor a little and put it back in. Then re-time the engine.

Did Oldsmobile car have from factory Chevy motor like a 400 small block?

The only time I can remember Olds using a Chevy motor, was somewhere in the 80's, when Chevy made a diesel, out of the 350. Olds has always had their own motors, like it's other GM brothers Caddy, and Buick. Chevy motors, at one time or another, ended up in all of them, including pontiac, but, for the most part, each division, had their own designs.

Can a 1971 Chevy Chevelle with an automatic transmission have a turbo 400?

yes it could have if it was a big block car or someone installed it at one time.

What order do you tightin lifters in Chevy small block?

there is no specific order just loosen lock nut on the rocker arm little at atime until you hear the lifter start to "peck"then tighten lock nut 1/2 turn be sure to do 1 at a time

Are there adapters for Eaton M90 Superchargers to a Small Block Chevy?

Typical Chevy guy.. used to buying everything pre made that comes with instructions.. you might have to build something yourself this the twin M90's on my 5.2 dakota.. the ones off the Ford Thunderbird SC I found work nice.. easy to use for an intercooled system..

Where should the timing mark on the cam gear and the timing mark on the crank gear be to be in time on a small block Chevy engine if number 1 cylinder is at top dead center on the compresson stroke?

The cam gear is on top/ and the crank gear is on top. Both at 12:00.

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