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You take the title and the forms signing it over to you to your state's DMV office.

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Q: How do you get the title changed on a car if the person who sold it to you is out of state?
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What does junk title means?

A junk title means that the car cannot be driven, sold or registered in its current condition.

What is a Lemon Law buyback title?

A lemon law buyback title is when a car is sold by a dealer or private seller with defects or problems that they knew about but did not tell the buyer on purchase. This protects against scams.

How did you know if a car is stolen?

If a car is being sold way to cheap I am always suspicious. I always do a title and lien search on any car I buy and that will show who the title is registered to and will cause a great deal of commotion if it is stolen. I always ask for photo ID when buying a car to insure the car and the title and the owner all match.

How do you remove your name from a car title that has been sent to a junk yard?

Most states Have a change of ownership form you can send in. This notifies the state that you sold your automobile. Another thing is always make sure the junk yard/junk buyer is a licensed salvage dealer. This is important because a licensed salvage dealer has to send your tittle in to the state notifying them that the automobile was purchased by a salvage deeler, so in turn the auto is taken out of your name.

How does someone salvage cars?

A salvage vehicle is one that has received a certain percentage of the vehicle's worth in damage (determined by the state the vehicle is registered in). To salvage a vehicle in most states, one must be licensed to repair the vehicles and the vehicle, once repaired, usually has to be inspected. If the vehicle is salvaged and repaired to be sold, it is the responsibility of the seller to disclose the salvage title.

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How do you Verify the date that a dealer first sold a vehicle?

You ask the state for a title search. This will show who and when the car changed owners.

What is title jumping in Illinois?

title jumping is when you sell a car to person a, then person a sells the car to person b. Person a never changed ownership of the title to their name and person b didn't either. which means your still the owner of the car. I had a friend that sold his car to guy, the guy sold the car to a woman. She got into a terrible accident and by law they were responsible for the accident because the titled owner of the vehicle is financial responsible for liability. He had to prove he was no longer the owner of the vehicle.

What can you do you sold your sister a car and signed the title over to her she failed to get the title changed and insurance the car is impound now what can she do?

I sold my car two weeks ago and now I get a storage notification from the police.

What if someone sold you a car without the title then told you the car under bankruptcy?

i have a person who sold me a car under bankrupcty, and i need the title . gow can i tell if its still under or not?

What if lost title and car is not in your name yet?

Generally, the person who's name the car is title in has to file for a lost title. There is a fee. You would need to contact the person who sold/gave you the vehicle.

Father died how to sell his motorcycle?

To sell the motorcycle first get it into the person who inherited it's name. Then when it is sold the title can be signed over. Check with the local DMV as this varies by state.

How do I get a title in my name if I was assured that the vehicle had a clear title but after I paid it off the title was not in the person's name that sold it to me but was signed by the owner?

You shouldn't have a problem with getting a title. Just put your information in as the buyer and sign the title. The person you bought it from never titled it and decided to sell it before he did. If its dated, you may have to pay a fine for not registering it in the 45 days given (or whatever time your state allows). Now, if the person you bought it from filled their information in, then he would have to title it before he can sell it to you.

What paper work do you Need to sell your car?

the title, and if it's being sold out of state, a bill of sale.

What is an example sentence for 'relinguished'?

She relinquished her title to the new queen. His ownership of the mower was relinquished to the person he sold it to.

What do you do if the person who sold you the car is not the name on title?

report police obiviously or u have gone car mnufacture

Whole saler sold car no title?

I'm guessing you're asking how to get a title, if your car didn't come with one. It depends the state, you need to call you local Department of motor vehicles to find out. If it helps, in Ohio, you cannot get a title for a car that was sold with none.

Can a title loan company press charges if you sold your car without paying the loan off?

depending on the state you live in and there laws you most likely will be procescuted if you knowingly sold your vehicle without a clear title in your name.

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