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Space but i think only in free i do not now if i occures but i now about free mode

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hey what do i DO!!!!

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Q: How do you get out of your car on ganGster life?
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What button do you press to get out of the car in gangster life?

It's not really a button, but the only way to get out of your gangster life is by pulling the trigger

What are the controls for gangster life?

the control to get in a car is space

In free mode how do you get out of the car in gangster life?

press space bar

Is a golf gti a gangster car?

Yes it is a Gangster car- GTI stands for Gangster Turbo Intercourse!

How do you get out of your car on gangsta life?

you get out of you car by doing free mode the code is DEATHS and when ever you press space your gangster gets out of the car

Can you steal cars in gangster life?

Yes! Walk up to a car and press space like you would to get in your car/Hummer

What is the gangster grin hotwheel car worth?

How much is the gangster grin hotwheels car worth

Is there a cheat to get cars on gangster life?

while in a game press pause and enter gangster life

Is there a gangster life 2?


What is the password to unlock free mission in gangster life?

the password for the free mission in gangster life is "DEATHS"

What does gangster amnesia?

gangster amnesia is when i think you are really trying to be a gangster and you are going to mess with it and also you just want to be that for your whole entire life.

How do you kill people in gangster life?

Its easy. get to your car drive on them, and if you have enough points buy a pistol or machine gun(you can use the machine gun inside your car) from the armory( Which is found southeast of the map)