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If it's impounded, you have to pay the impound fees and reclaim your vehicle. If it's been seized as evidence, it won't be available until the case is closed.

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Q: How do you get car back after police seized it?
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Can the police search your seized car?


Can a disabled persons car be seized by police?

I think it can depending on what is happening to that person and the car.

If your car was taken without your consent by an uninsured driver and then seized by the police do you have to pay the charges to get it back?

No, that person does and you can have them charged with Grand Theft Auto

Can the English police keep property seized during a house search after the case as been concluded in court?

Yes, same with car searches the American police do not have to give the property back.

After drugs are found in car who gets to keep car?

The police officers now are responsible for keeping that car since that car was found with drugs inside it.Added: It depends on WHY the vehicle was seized. If it was seized only for evidence, you should be able to get it back after the court action has been completed.On the other hand - if the vehicle was seized under the authority of federal law, it is gone forever and the agency that seized it will get it, if they want it. If not it may be sent to auction and the agency that seized it will get the proceeds of the sale.

What is the difference between a car being seized or impounded?

inpounded you can get back for a fee, seized you cant get back unless the agencie that took it gives it back

What is the difference between having your car impounded or having it seized?

when a car is impounded you can get it back, by showing paperwork and paying some fees. when your car is seized, its gone, you can't have it.

Getting back a seized car in drug arrest?

If the car was seized as part of the drug bust itself, it may have become forfeit under the drug laws and it will be impossible to regain possession. A car was seized after an accident in which the person driving it failed the alcohol sobriety test. Will the family get the car back? See discussion page:

How do you get car back from police pound?

car was takeing from police in bearsden where will it go to

What can one do to recover property that has been seized by police?

One can recover his property, which was seized by the police, at the police compound, in which they store all confiscated items. One should come with the proper documents that confirm his claim to the property as well as confirming that he has the right to seize them back.

What happens if the last owner signs the title and never registers the car?

The car will be seized by the police the engine torn out by a Huck Drill and the chassis crushed.

What is the H or S on the back of the police car?

Highway, or state police