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I now know! The back lights on the lower 'skirt' are covered by a plate. To remove - remove the three small bolts holding the mud-flap and plate and remove the plate. Access can now be gained to the back of the light cluster. Lamp holders are removed by turning anti-clockwise.

Rusty bolts are your only problem!

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Q: How do you get access to the rear bumper stop and fog lamps on a Shogun Pinin?
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How do you replace rear main light bulb on shogun pinin?

I have a similar problem. How do I get to replace the side/brake/fog bulbs in the fitting in the rear lower skirt? Can't see how to get at the lamps at all! Appreciate an email to Thanks

How do you replace a front bumper for a Maxima 1993?

* Apply the parking brake raise the vehicle and support it securely on jackstands * Disconnect the negative battery cable and disconnect any wiring that would interfere with bumper removal * From below remove the splash panel below the radiator and bumper * Remove the radiator grille and remove the headlight housings,turn signal lamps and cornering lamps * Remove the headlights and cornering lamps and remove the fasica to fender fasteners then remove the remaining fasteners and the bumper cover taking care to avoid damaging the cover and the fenders * Working under the vehicle remove the bumper beam mounting bolts Note:The bumper beam brackets can be removed from the chassis by removing the nuts from the studs at the back of the bracket or removing the foam inserts to access the front mounting bolts once the bumper cover is removed * Detach the bumper assembly from the vehicle

How do you change front park lamps on a 98 cavalier?

There are 3 screws located under the front bumper under the light you need to replace take these 3 screws out and you have full access to all the lights in front. do this for each side.

What if your bumper have opening but no fog lights Xl7?

it will still pass inspection but it is better to buy the fog lamps

Does the 2003 jaguar xk8 front bumper fit 1998 model?

Yes it does but you will need the newwer style fog lamps too as 98 won't fit in a 2003 front bumper.

How do you remove bumber from Porsche 944?

Front or rear bumper? if its the front, all the lamps have to come out then remove the bolts from underneath.

What are the lights on the bottom front of a 1995 Honda Prelude that are built into the car and are not part of the headlights or signals?

Bumper mounted park lamps

How do you change the tail lights in a 1984 corvette?

The tail lamps are serviced from underneath the vehicle, between the frame extension and rear bumper.

How do you turn off lamps from the iphone 5S?

You can turn off lamps from the iPhone 5S by swiping up from the bottom so as to access the Control Center and then tap on the Flashlight icon.

How do you replace the tailight in a Mercedes 230?

Remove the trim panel from the inside of the trunk to gain access to the lamps.

How do you change a headlamp on a 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

you need to take the whole front bumper off and it sucks! : I have a 99 GST and I have changed both of mine to aftermarket lamps it was an electrical connector, 4 bolts and I did have to pull the signal completely out but I did not need to remove the front bumper cover.

How do you change tail lamps on 2000 Toyota Echo?

There is an access panel in the trunk, pull back the cover in the trunk and its easy from there.