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3M makes an adhesive spray that can stick it back in place. The problem is that the headliner is sagging because the foam between the fabric and the cloth is usually crumbling. If it is, it is useless to glue to it because it will not have a good surface to adhere to.

To do it up properly, pop out the headliner and peel the cloth off, scrape the panel clean of foam, launder the cloth and dry it on a line. If you tumble dry it, it will fray and little crumbs of the old foam will cover the good side.

Use the spray adhesive to stick new foam to the panel, being careful to smooth out any wrinkles. Spray the adhesive on the cloth and lay it carefully on the foam. Let the adhesive dry and re-install the headliner.

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Q: How do you fix car head liner that is coming unglued?
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