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Take it to your local bike shop

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Q: How do you fix a bad manual shifter shaft seal on a 2004 Honda 350 rancher es?
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Where is the timing chain on the 2005 Honda rancher 400?

Mostly hanging on the end of the cam shaft, but check the fuel tank.

How do you remove front drive shaft on a Honda rancher 350 4x4?

cut it use jb weld to put back together in half

Remove and replace the shifter shaft sportster 1998 harley Davidson?

good instructions in the manual. I just removed mine to have it welded.

How do you replace rear brakes on 2000 Honda 350 Rancher ATV?

drive shaft driveshaft, swing arm BRAKES front rear drum drums, ... Hey i need some help, im not sure but my rancher's rear shocks gave out and its ... Added to queue 2005 Honda TRX350TM Rancher ATVby MisterMoney252346 views · Thumbnail ... Added to queue How to change oil on a Honda 4-stroke ...

Gear stick wont go into gear clutch saxo?

1999 ford explorer 4.0 manual transmission gear shifter wont fit on shaft

How do you replace the passenger side CV shaft on a 1996 Honda Accord?

Listen to your father: go to the nearest public library and get a Honda manual--it will describe everything in detail!

Where on the transmission is the shifter seal on a 1995 3.8v6 camaro?

Remove the shifter cable and switch from the drivers side of the transmission and the seal will be driven over the small shaft and into the transmission case. The shaft is the one that the shifter cable hooked to.

Can water get into the oil through the drive shaft of a Honda rancher 350?

any of you honda atvs or utvs that have a rubber boot on the drive shaft can get water in the engine oil through the smallest of cracks, tears, or holes in the boot. Especially if youre doing extensive travel in mud and water. If you have water in your oil thats where i'd look first( inspect the drive shaft boot)

How do you set the time on a 2005 Honda Rancher four wheeler?

take the cam chain cover off and the sprocket will have a little notch or mark on it make sur that is lined up with the other notch that is on the cam shaft

Will a CV shaft from an automatic Honda civic transmission fit a manual transmission Honda civic?

yes it will fit they are all the same size..... from 92-00 civics vx dx hx ex and cx trims use all the same axels be it auto or manual

How do you replace a manual shifter from a 2002 Chevy Blazer?

I have a 2004 blazer and my manual shifter is removed by turning the hex nut just below the actual shifter clockwise. This may sound counter-intuitive as that is the direction to tighten but this spins the nut away from the shifter so the shifter is free to spin (counter-clockwise). So.... 1. Push boot around shifter down toward floorboard to expose shaft/nut coming out of tranny/gearbox 2. Turn nut clockwise to get away from shifter ( i used a small crescent ) i used a combo of 1st gear and reverse to get the right angles to fit wrench in. 3. Turn by hand the shifter (counter-clockwise) to remove. Or use pipe wrench with cloth around shifter to start the motion if stuck. Use a thick cloth to not scratch paint. 4. Nut and shifter are both free now. 5. This is also how you adjust the height of your shifter if you wish. Hope this helps

Where do you put transmission fluid in a 1989 Honda Civic?

If it's automatic, through the dipstick hole & if it's manual, special bolt on transmission. (close to the drive shaft)