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Measure the force (f) required to compress the spring a given amount (x) then use hooke's law to compute the spring constant (k) (f=kx)

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Q: How do you find spring constant in mousetrap car?
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How does a mousetrap car function?

By transferring the spring energy to the drive wheels.

Where is the chassis in a mousetrap car?

in the center of the mousetrap car.

How a mousetrap car works?

A mousetrap car is a model car that has a mousetrap as the engine. The mousetrap is a powerful source of potential energy stored in the spring. To power the car, there must be a connection between the bar of the mousetrap and the axle of the car. Usually, a rubber band tied to the bar of the mouse trap and WRAPPED around the axle works well. When the trap is triggered, the spring pulls the rubber band or string on the axle causing the axle to spin fast, the wheels then spin too, and the car goes. *Note: DO NOT tie the rubber band or string to the axle, because as the axle spins the band or string will rewind itself on the axle bringing the car to a stop and possibly a shift into reverse! There are various design options to get maximum distance such as building a gear differential or size of the wheels on the powering axis. I'm sure you can find many designs online.

Why was the mousetrap car invented?

A mousetrap car is a vehicle that uses a mousetrap for its motor power. It was invented to help students develop spatial and problem-solving skills.

Where does the mousetrap go on a mousetrap powered car?

you want to place your mousetrap as far away from the back wheels as possible

Why are smaller wheels better for a mousetrap car?

the smaller the wheel the lesser the weight, the mousetrap car would go faster,

What is the farthest distance a mousetrap car has gone?

the farthest a mousetrap car has ever gone is 100000 meaters

What is the pulley system for a mousetrap car?

Slows down the power output of the spring on the trap. So that makes it go slower, and go much further.

What stops a mousetrap car?

a cat trap car

What is bad for a mousetrap car?


What is the purpose of wheels on a mousetrap car?

because the wheel make the mousetrap go forward but without the wheels the mousetrap stays in one place

How does a mousetrap car use potential energy?

A standard mousetrap works first by luring the mouse with peanut butter or cheese. When a mouse smells the food that is located in the mousetrap and comes to take a bite, the trap snaps and traps the mouse suffocating it and squishing it to death.