How do you fill water in a smart car?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There is no place to put water except maybe in the windshield washer reservoir if you live in a warm climate.

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Q: How do you fill water in a smart car?
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Can people use water to fill their car up with gas?


How often you supposed to fill battery water in the car battery?

Never if it is a sealed battery. If it has fill caps you check it about every 3 months and fill with Distilled Water only.

Why did they bring in Smart Car?

beacause the smart car are smart

Do you fill your car battery above or below the cell level?

Fill it to the bottom of the opening which is above the cells. Use only distilled water and not tap water or drinking water.

Do you fill the radiator when the car is running?

first turn on the car and add the water to the radiator while the engine is running-- this allows the water pump to work and force the water to all the thirsty parts this will help the radiator and the crankcase fill much faster

How big is the tank on a smart car?

Smart Cars tanks can hold up to 8-8.5 gallons, and gives you approximately 25 mpg and will take you approximately 400 miles every fill up.

Where do you put and fill water in BMW car engine?

At the radiator or overflow tank. Do not add water, add coolant.

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What is a smart car?

Smart Car is a car brand. They make modern, compact cars.

How much does a battery for a SMART car cost?

I heard from a friend the batteries for a smart car were 3000.00.....Which leads me believe your not too smart if you buy a smart car....lmao

How much doese a smart car whigh?

who much doese a smart car whigh? The awnser is, The Smart Car weighs 1,600 pounds.

Is Fiat atype of smart car?

The "Smart Car" is a trade mark of Mercedes. Fiat makes a car that is about the same size but it can not be called a "Smart".