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You don't. The only one who can fill out a lien relese is the lien holder. As the owner of the car you are not the lien holder. Take the title to whomever holds the lien and they will release it.

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Q: How do you fill out lien release form for a car?
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How can you get a lien release form from Transouth financial corp?

I paid off my debt for a car eight years ago and TransSouth still has a lien on it how do I get a release of lien on the vehicle?????

Is there a lien against a car that I am going to buy?

If you are buying a car on payments then there will be a lien on the car. the company will release the lien once the car is paid off.

What happens if you do buy a car or motorcycle that has a lien against it and you want to register it and you got the car with a bill of sale?

you will have to find out who has a lein on it have them fill out a fourm of lein satisfy. In most states a lien holder is recorded on the title and the lien holder will keep the title until the lien is paid off. After the lien holder is paid off, they will sign the title to release the lien and give/send the title to the owner. The title office can tell you who has a lien on the title.

does my car have a lien?

does my car have a lien?

Where can sell a used car when it's financed?

You cannot sell a car with a lien against it without getting a lien release from the lender. To do otherwise is illegal.

If you buy a car not knowing there is a lien on it from the previous owner how do you remove it off the title?

You need to find out if the underlying debt was paid. If it was paid you need to obtain a proper release from the lien holder. If it is not released then you need to pay off the lien and obtain a valid release of the lien from the lien holder. You should visit the DMV in your jurisdiction in person or online to determine its process for releasing a lien.The DMV will likely have a form to use. It must be endorsed by the lien holder and you must take or mail that release form, your current certificate of title and the fee to the DMV. It may be safer to do it in person.

Can you sell your car to family member when your car has been impounded?

No. As long as your car has a lien on it, no deal can be made. The lien in this case is what you owe the impound lot, funds that must be paid to release your car.

What happens when you file a lien release on car if others have a lien against you?

Your question makes no sense. There is no lien on you but only on your vehicle. You do not file a lien release unless you have a "release of lien" issued by the financial institution which you borrowed money from against that vehicle. If there is a second lien "mechanics lien, tax lien, etc." that lien now becomes primary. Another person cannot take possession and or register the vehicle in their name until any and all liens have been satisfied. 19 years experience in the car biz.

If you purchase a car for someone then they refuse to enter a lien release agreement what are your options if they fail to pay?

best time to think of this is BEFORE the car is purchased and before they drive away. Get a lien on the car somehow. get a key made to it after you get the lien on it. Email me if its not to late and they have the car already.

How does a lienholder release interest on a car title?

Pay off the debt (including all accrued interest) associated with the lien, at which point the lien holder will send the release papers. If they don't send these papers, contact them. This applies to any lien: car, house, land, etc.

What is the statue of limitations on a car lien?

The lien is no longer applied to the vehicle when the loan is paid off. You can then get a lien release from the lender. As long as the loan has not been paid off the vehicle still has a lien on it.


is there a lien on this car