How do you disable the asc light?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Pull the battery

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Q: How do you disable the asc light?
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How do you switch off asc on a mini cooper?

In-between the window and lock switch in the toggle panel there will be a toggle switch that says ASC just hold it down for a second and the light on the speedometer should stay on. that means asc is off.

Why is the asc light blinking on your Cadillac STS?

You just have to open the sunroof all the way and then close it. Then the light will stop flashing. That sunroof was installed by American Sunroof Company (ASC), wich means that is not one from the factory.

What does the asc button on a Toyota do?

Auctomatic Stability Control. It helps to keep the tires from spinning on slippery surfaces. If you push the button it will disable and you can spin the tires on a slick surface if you wish.

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How can you disable the engine light on holden Astra TD?

you really shouldn't disable that light. whenever you get the problem fixed the light will go out on its own. should you disable it you have no way of knowing of any problems your engine may have in the future.

Your 1999 BMW 528i sHow is both the indicator lights EML and ASC what does that mean?

1999bmw eml light on

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