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put tape on it

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Q: How do you cover scratches on vinyl upholstry on a car seat?
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How do you unlock seat belt retractor for a GMC Jimmy?

Pull the vinyl cover off of the seat belt, then roll the seat belt back on the roller.

How do can you repair a torn driver side seat from an infiniti i30?

I had an auto upholstry repair man fix mine.

How do you stretch upholstery vinyl for seat covers on a motorcycle?

It is important to use stretch vinyl to make seat covers on a motorcycle. To stretch it over the seat, pull the material tightly, and staple it in place.

What is a motorcycle seat made of?

Motorcyle seat is made of contoured foam and vinyl - some are made with leather

What element is in antifreeze oil gasoline and vinyl seat covers?


What is a quick fix for a torn car seat?

Cloth, leather, vinyl?

Is there a vinyl jump seat that folds down for a Chevrolet Silverado?


A vinyl-covered seat conducts heat slower than a fabric-covered seat true or false?


What types of seat covers are easiest to clean?

Leather or vinyl seat covers are by far much easier to clean than cloth seat covers.

Where can I find car seat covers online for a Camry LE?

The-seat-cover-factory is asking $239.99 for a seat cover that is for a 1992-1995 Toyota Camry LE. See

How do you repair a vinyl car seat?

most fast-parts stores carry a vinyl repair kit, probably even wall-mart.

What element is in antifreeze car oil gasoline and vinyl seat covers?